ABC Kids

ABC Kids

ABC Kids (Ages 0-5)

There are nurseries and classes for Kids from birth to age 5. Each parent signs in their child and only they can pick them up at the end of the service.

  • Pre-Primaries enjoy Bible stories, prayer time, music time, snack time, and craft time.
  • During the evening service, the Beginners are dismissed after song and prayer time to attend Story hour in their classroom. Children should be picked up immediately after the service.
  • Special events, include our Christmas Program, and in August, our Beginner Graduation, where those children who will be attending 1st grade in the fall will have a ceremony complete with cap and gown.
  • Each child will learn about Biblical characters who helped others; and specifically about Esther and Mordecai. These lessons will help the children realize that obeying and helping are ways to show love; and will help foster a desire to show love for God by obeying and helping. They will realize that they can be friends of God too.

ABC Kids (Ages 6-11)

ABC Kids is a fun-packed experience for kids ages 6-11. It all begins with ABC Kids Classes at 9:45, where they learn a Bible Lesson from an experienced teacher. Then, all of the ABC classes meet together for ABC Kids Worship hour from 11AM-12PM for songs, games, crafts, and a Bible Story.

Each week, your kid will be “checked in” at our registration station and be accompanied by a trained, experienced staff during their worship experience.

  • One-hour class time beginning at 9:45, and ending at 10:45 a.m. Your child can be taken to the Fellowship Hall. You can either pick up your child after class or arrange a meeting place.
  • They enjoy Bible stories, music, and creative activities are used to help them learn various Bible scriptures. They also have the opportunity to have prayer time where they are encouraged to share their prayer requests.
  • Special events include a Back to School Sunday, Friend Day and a Christmas Program, The Hunt East Experience, and Others.