Ladies Ministry

Ladies Ministry

Ladies of all ages have discovered Ashburn Baptist is very special. No one ever comes without meeting an old friend or making a new friend. On Sunday morning, in addition to the mixed classes, there are Bible classes especially for ladies and there are ladies home Bible studies during the week.

Why Ashburn Baptist?

  • Hundreds and hundreds of ladies share in the various activities which include: departmental fellowships, Ashburn Baptist Bible Institute classes and the various worship services which accommodate anyone’s schedule.
  • Resources: Ladies attending Ashburn Baptist discover that many of the 14,000 books in the church library are especially for women.
  • The Ladies Christmas Dinner is always a big event.
  • Ashburn brides enjoy an outpouring of love at wedding showers.
  • Expectant mothers discover they had more friends in the church than they dreamed. When the baby is born, it is a delightful experience to receive meals from fellow-members for a few days after returning from the hospital.
  • A place for everyone! Women, whether young or old, single or married, divorces or widowed, careering or homemaking, have found Ashburn Baptist meets their needs.
  • Mother’s Day is one of the annual highlights with special recognition for all mothers and a memento signifying everyone’s love.

Ladies Opportunities

Though this church does a lot for ladies, many attend and participate because they find fulfillment in serving the Lord and helping people through His church.

Hundreds volunteer to tend the four nurseries during worship hours, teach Sunday School classes, lead youth work, staff the Vacation Bible School, participate in the music program, help with office work, operate computers, serve in the kitchen, provide transportation, call on the sick and shut-in, manage the church library, run the children’s services, work in the tape ministry and share the Gospel with nursing home patients.

Many have found it’s not what you get, but what you give that makes life worth living. Ministry opportunities at Ashburn Baptist make life meaningful for a host of ladies who love the Lord.