Mens Ministry

Mens Ministry

Uncounted numbers of men who have never gone to any church attend Ashburn Baptist. When Christ chose the apostles, He chose twelve men, and today men take the lead in our church.

The program for men is aggressive, vital, challenging and geared to help men lovingly lead their families.

Why Ashburn Baptist?

  1. There are many activities for men: Men’s Breakfasts, Men’s Seminars and counseling designed to help men become leaders, upscale their jobs, increase their salaries and live successfully for the Lord.
  2. Resources! Numerous books in our church library offer inspiration, instruction and guidance for men. In the Ashburn Baptist Bible Institute men find the opportunity to seriously study God’s Word and discover how to live for the Lord.
  3. The annual Steak Fry is well-attended and Father’s Day gets a strong emphasis.
  4. The church affords abundant opportunities for men to serve the Lord. Many have discovered that leadership skills acquired in church activities are transferable to their daily employment with resulting advancement.

Men’s Opportunities

  1. In our church, men serve as deacons, preach in nursing home services, teach numerous Bible classes and lead the visitation program.
  2. Men drive our church buses and serve as Sunday School leaders.
    Because of dedicated service to the Lord, folk attending our church are helped by parkers, greeted by men at the doors, and a corps of ushers serves in our church services.
  3. Men share in the music program and staff the audio-visual department.
  4. Many men have shared their skills in maintaining our church buildings, repairing our buses and working on the church grounds in order to keep our properties in repair and our church yards in excellent condition.

The men who attend Ashburn Baptist appreciate a well-organized church operated in a business-like manner. They respect a church that challenges them to reach their full potential through faith in Christ Jesus and obedience to His Word.
The message of a no-nonsense Christian commitment appeals to men and attracts them in significant number.