Go On the Offense

Go On the Offense

Peter challenges us to “be prepared!” to defend the faith (I Peter 3:15) to anyone who asks. The question is not, “if”, but, “when” they will come.

Another question is “Why are they coming?” Some genuinely want answers to questions. Some are skeptical of the Bible’s claims and need the fog lifted.

Others approach with guns blazing, claiming they have poked holes in core doctrines of Scripture — like God’s existence, the sufficiency of Scripture, the Trinity or the deity of Christ. Whatever the reason, the Christian needs to know what the Bible teaches about our faith to be able to defend it.

But why should Christians always be on the defensive? How many people would go from agnostic to believer if the church were to “go on the offense?”

Asking questions can be a powerful, offensive tool in the believer’s arsenal. When they claim to have found errors in the Bible, ask for one. When they claim that science has “disproved” the Bible, ask them to produce this evidence. Softening our approach with Christ’s love will help to draw that one to faith in Him!

General Lew Wallace was challenged to investigate the life of Christ and write a novel about it. Because of this, he was converted and produced one of the greatest works in English literature: Ben Hur: a Tale of the Christ. Be on the defensive, but go on the offense!