One Year Program

One Year Program

In one year, through this systematic study, you can know more than anyone on your block or in your office. You will be astounded at how much you learn in this adult program offered only at the Ashburn Baptist Church.

Because this introductory program is offered in four parts with 13 lessons each and is on a continuous cycle, you can begin any Sunday morning; and complete it one year later.

You will receive a free study guide for each of the four series.

The first quarter of 13 lessons is Steps Through the Bible, which covers in 13 weeks all the historical books of the Bible. For the first time in your life the Bible will begin to make sense to you. You will see all the leading Bible characters and all the key events. In this overview of Bible history, the facts you already know will be related to new material as you get a grasp of the entire historical framework of God’s Word. You will enjoy a new freedom finding your way through the Scriptures.

As you study, you will discover help for your life, your marriage, help with your work and your finances.

The next phase of this study is entitled Steps to Christ. Through the Bible you will discover how you can know Christ in a personal way. You will find out how you can be sure that you have forgiveness of sins and be positive, because of what the Bible says, that you are going to heaven when you die.

The basic issues that confront each one of us will be freely discussed from the Bible in this class. What is sin? What is salvation?

Do you have to be good to go to heaven? What is the purpose of the Ten Commandments? Why did Christ die? What about people who follow religions other than Christianity? There is opportunity for questions and student discussion.

Another part of the one- year series is Steps with the Savior. During this 13-week series, the issues of Christian living are discussed, including such questions as, “How can I become strong by reading the Bible?”, “What does God expect of me?”, How can I get my prayers answered?”, “How can I win in time of temptation?”, “Can a person live a triumphant Christian life in a world filled with evil?” All these and more are helpfully discussed and answered from God’s Word.

The final quarter of 13 lessons discusses Steps with the Lord’s People. During the last 2,000 years many ideas have surfaced concerning a Christian’s relationship with fellow believers. This study goes back to the Bible to find out, primarily from the book of Acts, what the Scriptures teach about the blessings of fellowship with other Christians. What is a church? What does the Bible say about baptism? About the Lord’s Supper? About the opportunities a believer has in a local church? Can one live a successful Christian life by himself? Is a relationship with other believers necessary?

This one-year introductory Bible study program offers you the opportunity of a lifetime. Only at Ashburn Baptist do you get this Bible study package. Taught by skilled teachers, this tested program will give you a basic understanding of the Scriptures.

Start now and make Sunday morning the most enjoyable time of your week. hundreds and hundreds of people testify to the value of these classes.