Proposal to Curb Islamic Terrorism

Proposal to Curb Islamic Terrorism

Muslims, better than others, understand their own people, culture and religion; and have a greater knowledge of the motivation of the terrorists and data relating to the planning and implementation of terrorist acts.

It is self evident that the global Muslim community must take the primary role in curbing terrorism.

It is the reasonable expectation of the non-Muslim world that Muslims take vigorous action to identify terrorists, disrupt their plans, and as needed report details to the authorities. It is obvious that those closest to the terrorists have the greatest responsibility and opportunity to deter them. It is not too much to expect a billion and a half Muslims to restrain a handful of hotheads.

Since the root of the problem is religious and the cooperation of the broader Muslim community is necessary, let it be determined that upon the next terrorist attack the nations that have suffered attacks form an international force to occupy Mecca, preventing pilgrims from entering.

For every week without an attack, 1,000 Muslims per day would be allowed entry; namely, after one week free of attacks 1,000 would be allowed, the second week 2,000, the third 3,000 and so forth. If there is another attack, the plan would return to 0. If after 5 years there is no attack the occupation would end, but be reinstated upon another attack.

Furthermore, let it be determined that for every American civilian killed by Islamic terrorists, the U.S. government would close and take custody of one Mosque in the United States, starting with the largest. For each year that passes without a U.S. civilian being killed, one mosque, in order of those taken, would be returned.


  1. This plan is not a substitute for any other government action that is deemed wise or necessary.
  2. This plan does not call for the taking of any life.
  3. This plan does not call for the arrest or incarceration of any person.

Advantages: Humane, fair, realistic, economical, practical, effective, bilateral, creative, counts on the good-will of the Muslim community, consequences are in proportion to committed atrocities, there are rewards for civil behavior, and it is mutually advantageous.