Supremely Wrong!

Supremely Wrong!

The Supreme Court is wrong on marriage because it lacks jurisdiction on marriage.

God designed and defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman (Genesis 1:27; Mark 10:6).

Marriage existed before any government and before any Supreme Court; therefore, the nature of marriage is outside of the jurisdiction of any court. If any court takes any action on the definition of marriage, it is an usurpation of jurisdiction.

Reality is unbudgeable. You cannot tamper with truth. Labeling a same-sex union a “marriage” would be the same as calling a prune a pear. You may change the label on a can of carrots, but it is still a can of carrots. You may call a penny a dollar, but its value has not changed.

You may call the same-sex union a marriage, but that does not make it a marriage because a marriage is still, and always will be, only and exclusively a union of a man and woman. God’s Word still stands and it is God who is Supreme.