The Basics

The Basics

Always there are The Basics.  If we expect reasonably good health we must eat, we must sleep and we must move around (exercise).  Violate these and you invite disaster.  Just as there are physical basics, there are spiritual basics.  Here are four of them:

God’s Word

No believer can enjoy even minimum spiritual health by ignoring Scripture.  The Word of God must be read, meditated upon, listened to in serious Bible classes and sound preaching and must be applied to your life.  Neglect of Scripture is neglect of your soul (Joshua 1:8).

God’s Name

God is concerned that you reverence  His Name  (Exodus 20:7).   It must not be used in a profane, vain, careless or thoughtless manner.  If in your pre-Christian life you violated this commandment, then you need to pay close attention to cleaning up your speech and make sure that the Name of our God is always spoken with a holy reverence.

God’s Day

Old Testament and New Testament it  is  clear  that  one  day out of seven is very special (Revelation 1:10).  The moments of this day are not to be diverted to shopping, sports, errands or home chores.  This is a day to assemble with God’s people (Hebrews 10:25), nothing interfering with the public worship of God.  It is a day for prayer, for Scripture reading, for visiting the sick and shut-in and doing the work of God.

God’s Tithe

It is clear in Scripture that 10 percent of all we     receive, regardless of the source, “belongs to the Lord” (Leviticus 27:30)).  To divert this money for personal use is stealing and will bring God’s curse upon your finances (Malachi 3:8-12).  To faithfully bring your tithe to the Lord will bring blessing upon your life.

You can not violate these basics and enjoy any kind of spiritual health and well-being.  Maintaining these basics will cause you to flourish in the faith and have a wholesome, vigorous spiritual life.