The Christian Home

The Christian Home

The home was our first-hand example of God’s sovereign authority, judgment, forgiveness and love. His authorized chain-of-command was in place with our fathers as the head of our families. By our parents’ obedience to God, we could understand God’s holy judgment and His great mercy and love, of which, we are undeserving. There is great peace and harmony when God’s plan is accepted and obeyed.

The godly, Bible-based principles that were impressed upon us and put into practice as children are still a part of us today. These truths provide a basis on which to make decisions for the family, deal with everyday problems, and the raising of our children. It was common to go to prayer and God’s Word to allow Him to direct us to the decision that was according to His perfect will for us.

Also, our parents showed us the importance and obedience to God in the attendance, membership, and service with a strong Bible-believing and teaching Baptist church. We were and are accountable to Him in all things; and the importance of prayer, Bible study, and the fellowship with other believers helps us to live in the center of His will.

One of the most wonderful things about being blessed with Christian parents is the gift of their heartfelt and faithful prayers on our behalf. Those loving “cries” to God have protected us through our lives. God allows in His divine plan for us to be born in homes that will help mold us into His servants that will be strong, faithful and obedient to Him.

What a challenge and command from our Lord to all parents as we raise our children in homes where He is Lord and King! (Isaiah 54:13), “All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

~Randy and Vandy Colley