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What is ‘The Day of the Lord’?

What Jesus Taught About Fear

Will There Be Judgment?

What Jesus Taught About Worry

A Prophet for Today!

What Jesus Taught About Work

Unclaimed Wealth

What Jesus Taught About the Devil

The Cooperation of a Christian

What Jesus Taught About Money

Authentic Faith

The Unbeliever’s Future

God’s Plan for Financial Stability

Your Miracle

Appropriately Dressed

Last Laugh

The Conduct of a Christian

What Jesus Taught About Communion

The Character of a Christian

What Jesus Taught About Baptism

The Cost of Being a Christian

What Jesus Taught About the Church

You Can’t Outguess God

What Jesus Taught About Church and State

Remembering Our Redemption

What Jesus Taught About the New Birth

Doing What Is Right

The Mystery of Fatherhood

The Weirdness of Wickedness

What Jesus Taught About the Ten Commandments

The Providence of God

What Jesus Taught About Worship

Foolish Hopes

What Jesus Taught About Urban Problems

Are You the Key Person?

What Jesus Taught About the Bible

Adventurous Convictions

We Need Church Mothers!


What Jesus Taught About War

An Orphan Becomes a Queen

What Jesus Taught About the Day of Rest

Virtue Valued Above Royalty

How Christianity Works

The Laws of Success X

A 21st Century Easter

Good Friday Service

A New Type of Government

The Laws of Success IX

Darkness in the Garden

The Laws of Success VIII

Desertion in the Garden

The Laws of Success VII

Betrayal in the Garden

The Laws of Success VI

Violence in the Garden

The Laws of Success V

Apathy in the Garden

The Laws of Success IV

Strength in the Garden

The Laws of Success III

Sorrow in the Garden

The Laws of Success II

Prayer in the Garden

The Laws of Success I

Night in the Garden

The Jury’s Still Out

Good News: Everywhere

The Evidence of Faith

Good News: The Cost

Beyond Our Comfort Zone

Good News

Understanding Sin

Our Church in 2017

What is the Will of God

How to Have a Great Year

Jesus, the Prince of Peace

Jesus, the Everlasting Father

The Star Must Be Followed

Jesus, the Mighty God

How to Have a Real Christmas

Jesus, the Counselor

Tough Topic #6: Hell

Jesus, the Wonder

Tough Topic #5: Judgement

How to Have Money Left at the End of the Month

Thanksgiving Day

Tough Topic #4: Death

How to Have a Good Tomorrow

Tough Topic #3: Predestination

How to Be Secure in an Insecure World

Tough Topic #2: Sin

How to Have Your Prayers Answered

Tough Topic #1: Authority

How to Vote

Church on the March

How to Have a Great Future

Evening Message

Moring Message

Prayer: The Most Powerful Thing in the Universe

Our Nation’s Psalm

Engaging Culture

What is a Christian Home?

The Four Big Questions

Fire and Faith

What is Wrong?

How to Win Unbelievers

What to Do With Terrorists?

The Wind of the World & the Wind of God

Is Work a Blessing or a Curse?

When Summer is Over

How to Experience a Miracle

What is Full-Time Christian Work?

The Miracle in the Temple

When People Serve, the Gospel Flourishes

Unity in Our Worship

Unity in Our Work

Do You Know About Jesus or Do You Know Jesus?

Unity in Our Walk

Prophecy and Personal Living

The Miracle of Darkness

The Believer’s Everyday Hassle

A Shocking Miracle

A Friend So Faithful

The Strange Miracle

A Bible Bill-of-Rights

Accepting Mental Illness

Asking for a Miracle

The Embarrassing Problem of Rebelling Children

Seven Ways to Show Respect for Dad

How Involved is God’s Will?

Obedience and Miracles

How to Live with Defeat

Conditions for a Miracle

The Believer’s Special Money Problems

Miracles to Overpower Satan

The Mystery of Sickness

Prerequisite for a Miracle

Can a Christian Marriage Be Unhappy?

The Money Miracle

The Christian’s Doubts

Three Mothers!

How to Handle a Bad Employment Environment

The Power of God’s Word

Unanswered Prayers

Miracles are Controlled Power

The Inner Battle

Small Miracles Are Big

Living With an Unsaved Family Member

The Key to Miracles

Why a Christian Suffers Depression

Guarantee of the Miracle

The Final Battle

Resurrection Realities

IV. The Word of Agony

VII. The Word of Peace

VI. The Word of Victory

III. The Word of Love

IV. The Word of Agony

II. The Word of Salvation

I. The Word of Forgiveness

All Tied Up

The Three-Fold Battle

With Jesus in Your Betrayal

Demons in Chicago?

With Jesus in Your Distress

Demonic Opposition to Evangelism

With Jesus in Your Loneliness

Deliverance from Demonic Possession & Oppression

With Jesus in Your Sorrow

Jesus Battles with Demons

With Jesus in Your Suffering

Demons Go to Church

With Jesus in Your Nighttime

The Model Warrior

No Place for Jesus

Youth Night 2016

Christ or Chaos

Dealing with Discouragement

Committed to Life

From Point A to Z

Committed to the Word

How to Prepare for the Worst

Sixty-Five Years

Wise Men Give

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Wise Men Worship Christ

Learn Obedience from Mary

Wise Men Follow the Star

Learn Worship from Mary

Wise Men Seek the Savior

Learn Faith from Mary

The Most Respectable Sin

Desperate for a Miracle

A New Type of Government

Making Contact for Miracles

War Unto Death

The Results of a Miracle

The Night of the Seance

Are There Delayed Miracles?

The Confrontation with Pagan Culture

Can Your Family Have a Miracle?

Physical Attacks in Spiritual Warfare

Who Can Experience A Miracle?

Spiritual War is Turf War

A Good Place for a Miracle

The War Between Two Religions

Time for a Miracle!

The First Battle

The Miracle of Pooled Faith

Why I Am a Heterosexual

Do You Need a Miracle?

Why I Am A Creationist

The Purpose of Miracles

Why I Am a Pro-Lifer

Miracles and Demons

Why I Am a Tither

What Miracles Will Do to You

Why I Am an Educator

The Kind of Faith that Brings Miracles

Why I Am a Baptist

How to Experience a Miracle

Why I Am A Christian

Was Jesus An Evolutionist?

Now What?

Get Real: Know the Future

The Call of Jesus

Get Real: Know the Mission

Keeping an Eternal Mindset

Get Real: Know the Truth

Boast in the Lord

The Key Problem in Christian Living

How Important is Prophecy?

A Perilous Activity!

The Valley of Armageddon

Heavenly Ammunition for An Earthly Battle

The Valley of Blessing

Time for a Party

The Valley of Life

The Making of a Father

The Valley of Decision

Disneyland Christianity

The Valley of Sacrifice

Secret Sin?

The Valley of Death

The Key to the Middle East

The Valley of Challenge

The Four Comings of Christ

When You Refuse to ‘Go Along’

Real Culture Shock!

How to Die

Motherhood: Succeeding Inspite of Problems

Why Have a Will?

The Future of the Ashburn Baptist Church

How to Repair A Mistake

What is the Gospel?

How to Accomplish Great Things

The Power of the Ressurection

Does Life Have Meaning?

The Greatest Mystery

The Uniqueness of Christianity

The Resurrected Jesus

Good Friday Service

Who Will Rule the Middle East?

When to Sing

The Only Person Who Can Help You

Will Life Get Easier?

Who Can Solve Your Biggest Problem?

How God Gets Our Attention

What is Your Self-Image?

How to Handle Trouble

Where is Jesus?

Never Forget Kindness

How Private is Your Life

Why Hold A Grudge?

Who is Able to Help You?

You Can Start Over Again

Who Understands You?

Tough, Yet Tender

How Old is Jesus?

‘World View’ Survey

Jesus or Nothing

Lost ‘N Found

The Blessings of Storms

The Safest Place in the World

Jesus, the Provider

The Mark of a Man

Will 2015 Be Different?

What to Do With the Stones in Your Life

Christmas Tests Your Generosity

We Need Christmas

When Life Falls Apart

The Burden of Being Somebody

Christmas Tests Your Faith

Rape, Hatred and Murder

Christmas Tests Your Commitment

How to Cope with Grief

How to Survive the Severest Storm

Thankful for Adversity

How to Listen to a Preacher

How to Enjoy Better Health

The Dangers of Success & Leisure

How to Win Over Worry

The Marks of True Greatness

How to Broaden Your Mind

How to be Free from Guilt

Unashamed in Ephesus

How to Make Habits Work for You

Unashamed in Corinth

How to Have a Secure Future

Unashamed in Antioch

How to Keep from Getting Old

Unashamed in Jerusalem

How to Get Guidance

Has Kindness Vanished?

How to Conquer Fear

Life is Always a Battle

How to Double Your Money

God’s Work! Bigger Than We Are

How to Live the Good Life

What You Do & How You Do It Are Both Important

Beware of Government

Pastor Jaafar Attaran’s Personal Testimony

Are You at Peace with God?

The Necessity for Strategy

Israel in the Last Days

The Testimony of Pastor Vernon Lyons – 75 Years!

Who Knows What is Right?

You Go and Do Likewise

Peter: Living for Jesus

A Portrait of Biblical Love

Faith Through Fire

The Life of Elijah

The Last Lesson of Our Lord

Jospeh’s Promotion

Enoch: Walking With God

How to Build an Empire or Anything

How God Provides

How to Know the Will of God

The Most Important Truth About God

A Time for Your Heart to Prevail

Does God Love Bad People?

Honor is Honor

Could God Sin?

The Tight Places in Life

Wanted: Fathers!

What To Do With Your Enemies

How Much Does God Know About You?

Balancing Humor and Holiness

Where is God?

Balancing Softness & Sternness

Can God Do Anything?

The Believer’s Attitude Toward Authority

Why God Never Changes

The Danger of Success

A Plan for Mothers

A Valued Secret for Living

Why Is God, God?

The King in a Cave

What Does It Mean to Be A Christian?

A Daring Escape

The Tomb Talks

Christ and the Two Crowns

Life is a Thin Thread

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

An Inheritance That’s Guaranteed

A Life-Changing Day

When Someone Plots Against You

Untangling Your Life

The Value of Friends

What Really Matters

How to Get Recognition

Who Are Your Friends?

How to Meet the Enemy

Too Many People

When the Heathen Attack

Gethsemane Praying

The Key to Belonging

What is Missing is Important!

How God Looks At You?

Can God Do It?

A New Hope

Does God Hear the Prayers of Non-Christians?

Youth Night

The Lord’s Prayer

An Encounter with God

Daniel’s Prayer

When Hope Fades

Solomon’s Prayer

What Is Ashburn Baptist Doing?

What Does Ashburn Baptist Believe?

Thomas Lyons

The Five Basics

The Lost Gift

Do You Have An Upside Down Christmas?

The Gift of Salvation

The Future of Ashburn Baptist Church – Part III

The Gift of Love

The Future of Ashburn Baptist Church – Part II

The Gift of Joy

The Future of Ashburn Baptist Church – Part I

The Gift of Simplicity

What shall I Render to the Lord?

Faith Unshaken

How to Survive When Your Ship Sinks

God in Action

How to Compensate for an Inadequate Education

The Most Needed Prayer

How to Invest Without Losses

Idolatry in Chicago

How to Get from Earth to Heaven

Liquor and Lawlessness

How to Cure Boredom

Sinful Success

How to Rescue a Failing Marriage

The Housing Problem

How to Make Failure Fruitful

Is Might Right?

How to Start Living When Life is Half Over

Walking in Joy

How to Succeed Without Encouragement

Dr. John Goetsch – Evening

Dr. John Goetsch – Morning

Does God Get Upset?

How to Conquer Sickness

Unbelievable Judgment

How to Turn Debts Into Cash

Violence in the City

How to Get the Best Out of the Worst

How God Works

How Satan Works

The Believer’s Relation to the World

The Best Education

Finding Life on Death Row

What did Jesus Provide?

Lessons in Loyalty

Jabez’s Prayer for Blessing

Looking Up to Jesus

The Blessing

The Big Problem with Being Holy

The Fire of God

Religious Rackets and Sacred Scams

Can Weak Faith Produce a Great Work?


Can Freedom Be Measured?

The Tendency to Balk

What is Expected of a Husband?


The Key Person in a Family

How to Handle a Crisis

Should Everyone Get Married?

Jerusalem: The World Capitol

Will Families Go Out of Style?

Israel: The Center of the World

What Do Children Owe Parents?

Egypt: The Key to Middle East Power

What Do Parents Owe Children?

Iran: The Land of Mystery

Rebuilding a Family

Iraq: The Place of Beginnings

Recapturing Family Fun

Jordan and Arabia: Homeland of Islam

Where is Jesus? With the Weak

Syria: A Powder Keg of Trouble

Where is Jesus? With the Fearful

Lebanon – Friend or Foe?

Where is Jesus? With the Doubting

Turkey: The Bridge to Europe

Where is Jesus? With the Sorrowing

How to Miss the Easter Blessing

The Greatest Event of All Time

Destruction in the City

Who Will Rule the World?

Insecurity in the City

The Wounds of Jesus

Pride in the City

The Hands of Jesus

Sin in the City

The Voice of Jesus

Bankruptcy in the City

The Feet of Jesus

Blood in the City

What to do When the End is Near

Idols in the City

The Arms of Jesus

God in the City

Eyes of Jesus

Three Things Your Teens Will Never Tell You

The Celestial City

How to Overcome Your Fears Part 2


The Question Everyone Must Answer

The Great Tribulation 2013

How to Make 2013 a Terrific Year

How to Win in 2013

What to Do with Christmas

Why the Shepherds?

The Mysterious Birth

Christmas at Your House

How God Works

A Christmas Song

The Christmas Prophet

How to Celebrate Christmas

Who is the Real Mary?

Pre-Christmas Plans

Is Christmas A Myth?

Joy in Contentment

Joy in Forgetting

Thanksgiving Day

Joy is Jesus

Joy is Obedience

Joy in Serving

Joy is Heaven

Joy in Living

Joy in Belonging

Ripe for Judgement

Can We Be Certain What Is Right?

The Key Problem With Our Nation

Does Our Country Need A Change?

Signs of the End Times

Is Our Nation Divided?

What to Do When God Speaks

Should We Watch Syria?

How God Leads Us

How God Performs His Will

What Can You Do for God?

Where Is Holy Ground?

How God Deals With Us

Are Good Intentions Enough?

Should You Disobey the Government?

A Nation In Trouble

The God We Worship

The Three Most Important Questions You Will Ever Be Asked

The Heart of Liberty

The Debate About Liberty

The Attack on Liberty

The Revelation of Liberty

The Loss of Liberty

God, The Author of Liberty


Life in the Spirit

The Marks of a Holy Christian

Our Great God

Seeking God


What God Does for Us

The Formula for Living

How to Understand Yourself

The Most Popular Religion

How to Prosoper

How to Have a Great Summer

The Quitter

When Not to Pray

The Risk in Christian Living

Model Men

Is Pentecost for Today?

The Lost Virtue

No Prayer Meeting?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Prophecy Part IV

Prophecy Part III – Q and A

Prophecy Part II

Prophecy Part I

Winning Over Worry

The Best Medicine

How to Win in Life

The Value of a Mother

Is It Right To Take A Risk?

The Secret of a Great Life

How to Stay Married

The Greatest Prayer

How to Triumph Over Temptation

Real Baptism

How to Have a Happy Life

The First Christian Mattyr

The Easter Mystery

A New Day Dawns

VII. The Word of Peace

VI. The Word of Victory

V. The Word of Suffering

IV. The Word of Agony

III. The Word of Love

II. The Word of Salvation

I. The Word of Forgiveness

Carpenter or King?

Why was Christ Crucified?

Silent Suffering

Rebellion and Redemption

How to Go to Heaven Free

Is Life More Than We Can Bear?

The Bitterness of Loneliness

Why is Christ Misunderstood?

The Most Important Question

Why Will the Christian Win?

Since Salvation is Free, Why Worry About Sin?

What is Unique About Christianity?

Can You Be Okay With God When You Weren’t

Why All the Trouble in the World?

Is There Any Good News?

Who Wrote You A Letter?

Don’t Lose Your Hope

Don’t Lose Your Dream

Teen Night

How Close Are We to the End?

The Key to Obeying the Will of God

Can God Be Trusted?

Certain Judgement

How to Have a Fresh Start

Foundations Are Important

A Good Start On A Great Year

Christmas in Your Heart

What to do When You Have Given Up Hope for A Loved One

Christmas In Your Home

What to do When Your Mate Wants a Divorce

Christmas In Chicago

What to do when the Flame of Love Flickers

Christmas in Bethlehem

What to do when Money Does Not Stretch

The Law of Attitude and Action

Give Thanks

What to do when Hope of Marriage Vanishes

The Law of Commitment and Fulfillment

What to do When Your Mate is Loved but Lost

The Law of Truth and Error

The Law of Death and Life

What to do When You Have a Prodigal Teen

The Law of Love and Liberty

The Law of the Internal and the External

Your Greatest Need!

The Law of Purity nd Power

What Do You Really Want?

The Law of Asking and Receiving

Why Pray?

The Law of Working and Resting

How Do You Think About Yourself

The Law of Giving and Getting

Do You Hear the Voice?

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Who Am I?

Living With God’s Laws

Jesus, As He Is

The Next Sixty Years

Steven Khoury

James Shaw

Steven Khoury

James Shaw

Steven Khoury

Steven Khoury

James Shaw

Who Should We Love?

Eternal Life: Dream or Certaint

Opportunities and Opposition

Christ’s Return: Myth or Reality

Getting a Good Look at God

Spiritual Priorities

Listening to God

Spiritual Disciplines

Peace of Salvation


Salvation: Before, During and After

Christ’s Church: Optional or Necessary?

How Much Should We Give

Salvation: Rejected or Received?

Why Live and Labor?

The False God of Democracy

The Final Victory

Christ’s Death: Martyr or Hero?

The Believers’ Resurrection Body

A Father’s Decision

Present Benefits from the Future Resurrection

Christ: God or Man?

How to Be Sure of Your Future

Sin: Mistake or Catastrophe!

No Resurrection

Yourself: Angel or Devil?

The Gospel!

The Bible: A book or The Book

The Gift of Tongues

God: Concept or Creator?

The Best Spiritual Gift

How to Honor Your Mother

The Testing of Spiritual Gifts

Good Money in Bad Times

Doubt Your Doubts

Christ’s Resurrection and Yours

Death in the City

The Gifts in the Church

Deceit in the City

The Ministry of Spiritual Gifts

Discipleship in the City

What is a Spiritual Gift?

Discouragement in the City

Abusing the Lord’s Supper

Danger in the City

Observing the Lord’s Supper

The Kidnapping of St. Patrick

Conduct in Public Worship

What is Christianity?

Christian Liberty and Christian Love

The Broadness of Christianity

A Call to Consistency

The Narrowness of Christianity

What Good is the Old Testament?

The Best Place to Be

The Greatest Challenge

God’s Plan for Your Life

The Christian’s Role

The Greatest False Doctrine in Christendom

Youth Night 2011

The Best Place

Created for Him

The Day of the Lord

Savor the Scriptures

The Best Gift

Why Take An Offering?

Our Mandate

The Message of Christmas – The Savior of Sinners!

The Angel Speaks to the Shepherds

The Meaning of Christmas-The Gift of Love

The Angels Speaks to Joseph

The Mystery of Christmas – The Incarnation

The Angel Speaks to Mary

The Miracle of Christmas – The Virgin Birth

The Angel Speaks to Zacharias

The Rights of a Christian

What If My Money Is Gone?

The Uniqueness of Christian Liberty

How to Have Better Health

Abnormal Times

Will God Help Me?

Contentment A Jewel

How Can I Face Fear?

Marriage Problems and Bible Solutions

What to do with Opposition

Rules for Christian Marriage

Is Your Life a Dead End Street?

The Only Real Temple

How Can I Be Sure of My Next Step?

Your Life…From God’s Persepctive

Nicodemus: Committed to Jesus

Liberty: It’s Use and Abuse

What is Regeneration?

The Super Change!

What Is Faith?

Should Believers Sue?

What Is Repentance?

Should Christians Judge Christians?

What Is Sin?

What is Expected of Believers?

Jesus the King

The Oldest Sin

Jesus the Savior

Why Not Live As You Want?

Jesus the Divider of Men

The Only Way To Do God’s Work

Jesus, The Searcher of Hearts

Prospering In Hard Times

Revival At Bethel

What To Do When Transition Comes

Miracles At the Cross – Part II

Lessons from Job

Miracles At the Cross

Only Two Kinds of Christians

Jesus The Lover of People

Two Men and Two Worlds

Jesus The Teacher

Who Has The Truth?

How Christian Is Our Country?

A Church For Children

Jesus The Miracle Worker

Who Are These Born Again People?

The Adventure of Fatherhood

How To Stay Married 60 Years

Jesus the Prophet

The Emphasis of a Biblical Church

Jesus The Preacher

The Secret of Church Unity

Jesus Is The Messiah

The Position And Progress of The Believer

Jesus Is Human

The World’s Porno Captial

Jesus Is God

How One Man Shook The World

A Twenty-First Century Mother

Requirements For Revival IV

What Happened On Pentecost?

Requirements for Revival – III

A Forgotten Bible Fact

Requirements for Revival – II

Struggling With Doubt

Requirements for Revival – Part I

The Miracle Is A Mesage

The Easter Exodus

The Empty Tomb

Who’s King?

Doctrine Minus Devotion


Devotion Minus Doctrine


Spiritual Deliverance Amidst Physical Defect



The True Secret of Health


Escape From Sickness

Where Is God?

The Source of Sickness

What Does God Know?

Estate Planning

What Can God Do?

Make a Difference

The Call of Jesus

Why Is the Youth Ministry Important?

The Heart of Jesus

The Big Picture

He’s Alive!

Why We Are Here!

Your Influence

How Satan Attacks

The Final Journey

He Knows Your Name

The Journey of Life

Is Your Name on the List

The Journey of Obedience

Faith or Works

The Journey of Necessity

How to Win Life’s Battles

Why God Is God

Are All People Equal?

Who Are Your Friends?

How Are We Saved?

How Should We Live?

Refusing Success

Does Grace Eliminate Godliness?

God and Government

What is Sound Doctrine?

The Lamp Never Goes Out

Who Are the Troublemakers?

How To Die!

Who Is A Pastor?

Should We Conform?

Who Is Titus?

Is Faith Contrary to Reason?

Who Is Paul?

Our Hope of Heaven

Help When You Need It?

Faith In What?

The Secret Place

Tomorrow’s Uncertainties

How to Recapture Joy

Trial By Fire Part II

Trial By Fire Part I

Who Has Faith?

The Cure for Despondency

Overcoming Failure

The Formula for Living

How to Conquer Death

Who Is an Educated Person?

Thriving in God’s Economy

Global Warning

Foundations for the Future

Spiritual Bailout

Wisdom for Troubled Times

Two Voices

What God Does for Us and What God Expects of Us

Is Sincerity Enough?

How Can You Understand Yourself?


How to Rate High

The Most Popular Religion

Is Seeing Believing

How to Have A Great Summer

Should Children Be Spanked?

Our Enemies

What Is Involved In Parenting?

Where Are the Good People?

Who Is In Charge of the Family?

God Speaks to the City

Where Are the Dead?

God’s Requirement

Is Marriage Outmoded?

Your Day In Court

Where Is Mother?

Does Sincerity Please God?

What Is All This Talk About Sex?

Will We Have Peace?

What Is the Future of Ashburn Baptist Church?

The Unbroken Promise

Where Is Jesus?

The Future of Jerusalem

What To Do With Easter

The Last Days!

Good Friday

Who Will Rule the World: Allah or Jesus?

What Is Death?

The Mystery of Money

What Is Victory?

False Prophets

What is Suffering?

What Is Sin?

The God Who Gives Hope

What Is Love?

Testing Religious Leaders

What Is Salvation?

How to Keep Your Money

What is Forgiveness?

Too Late for Repentance

Judgement Now

Misconceptions About Baptists

A Prophet For Today

The Man of Prayer

Victory in Battle

The Practice of Prayer

What is Our Nation’s Greatest Emergency?

The Habit of Prayer

Signs from God

Misconceptions About Christianity

Three Keys to Unlock a Successful 2009

Christmas With the Wise Men

Christmas Treasures

The Wonder of Christmas

Christmas With the Inn Keeper

How to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas With Joseph

Christmas with Mary

What is Christmas?

The Devil in the Church

God’s Glory In Daily Life

Who is the Boss?

Missing the Important!

Does God Control the Nations?

A Dream of Christ Coming

A Dream of New Friends

God’s Glory in the Sunset Years

A Dream of Fulfillment

The Expectation of Blessing

A Dream of Protection

How to Praise God

A Dream of Belonging

The Secrets of the Saints

A Dream of Worthwhileness

The Wonder of God’s Will!

A Dream of Security

The Falterings of Faith

A Dream of Success

Prayer is Answered

A Dream of Hope

The Making of a Miracle

A Time For Dreams

The Factual Foundation of Faith

Boast in the Lord

The Blessing: Part II

Dr. Paige Patterson

Beware of the Bible WIthin the Bible

The Revival at Ephesus

Back to School – Away from the Scripture!

The Revival at Corinth

Jesus is Enough

The Revival at Antioch

Grace in a Broken World

The Revival in Antioch

What Does Jesus Believe

The Revival at Lydda

Four Greatest Problems: 4 – My Future

The Revival in Smaria

The Four Greatest Problems: 3 – My Today

The Pentecostal Revival

The Four Greatest Problems: 2 – My Past

The Revival Under Sychar

Four Greatest Problems: 1 – Myself

The Revival Under Nehemiah

The Revival Under Ezra

The Revival Under Zerubbabel

The Revival Under Josiah

The Revival Under Hezekiah

Revival Under Jonah

The Revival Under Jehoida and Joash

The Revival Under Jehosaphat

The Revival Under Elijah

The Revival Under King Asa

The Revival Under Samuel

The Revival in a Family

How to Pray

The Mystery of Life

The Believer’s Weapon

Walking with Jesus from the Grave

Salavation: A Guarantee of Victory

Walking with Jesus to the Cross

Walking With Jesus on the Mountain

How Faith Protects Us

Walking With Jesus Among the Crowd

The Gospel: Our Defense

Walking With Jesus in the Storm

Right People in a Wrong World

Walking With Jesus In Time of Sickness

God’s Truth In Our Hearts

Our Unseen Enemy

Walking with Jesus in Time of Sickness

Walking with Jesus in Obedience

Our Never Failing Source of Strength

The Word of God’s Purpose


The Word and God’s Perspective

The New Confidence and the New Covenant

The Word and God’s Promises

A New Song for a New Year

The Mystery of Belief and Unbelief

The Mystery of the Ages


Recieve God’s Blessing for 2008

Christmas Carnage In Bethlehem

Seeking Jesus

The Scandal of Christmas

Celebrate Christmas Like Mary, Worship

How Long Does it Take to Prepare for Christmas?

How to Make a Life

Grateful for God’s Control

How to Make Decisions

Grateful For An Understanding Father

How to Get What You Need

Grateful For the Past

How to Be a Growing Person

Grateful for a Full Life

How To Be Wealyhy

What Does God Expect of You?

How To Be a Spiritual Person

The Golden Age

Will We Have World Government

How to Pray

How to be Rewarded

The Second Coming and Rand McNally

How to Handle Difficult People

Christ’s Death and the Jews

How to Understand the Bible

The Doom of False Religion

How to Make a Difference

Abundant Pardon

How to Enjoy Life

Spiritual Revival in the End Times

Priorities of the Church

People of Praise

The Price of Discipleship

The War We Welcome

The Protection of the Disciple

Christ for Sale

Following Jesus

Giving to God

Obeying God

The Heart of Jesus

Lessons from Jesus

Trusting God

The Proclamation of the Disciple

A Picture of Jesus

The Persecution of the Disciple

The Future of the Jews

The Peril of Discipleship

A New Ruler in the Middle East

The Price of Victory

Will Israel’s Borders be Secure?

Choosing a Bad Bargain

The Miracle of Jewish Popularity

The Perfect Father

How God Speaks to Us

Confusing Foolishness and Faith

The Jews Return to Jerusalem

Choosing the Easy Way

Ritual or Repentance

When We Are Tempted

Your Health and the Bible

Who Is the Tempter?

When Will the Jerusalem Temple be Rebuilt?

How is Your Family?

The Fall of the Arab Nations

Who is Dysfunctional?

Time to Report!

How to Handle Life’s Detours

How to Deal With Doubt

The Materialistic International System

How to Handle Fear

The Power of the Word

A Slightly Used Gray

No Oil, No Light

The Crowds Shouting Near the Cross

The Thief Beleiving Near the Cross

Peace in the Middle East?

Peter Denying Near the Cross

The Devil in Jerusalem

The Disciples Sleeping Near the Cross

Jerusalem Rebuilt

Judas Bargaining Near the Cross

The Punishment of Jew Haters

Mary Worshipping Near the Cross

The World’s Greatest City

The Widow Giving Near the Cross

The Message of the Prophet

James and John Politicking Near the Cross

Time For A Prophet

Successful Prayer

Following Jesus

The Presence Of God

What Is It Worth To You

There Is A God

The Plan of God

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Two Idea About Money

Why Was This Samaritan Good?

How to Walk With God

The Song of Simeon – Nunc Dimittis

How to Start the New Year


The Song of the Angels – Gloria

The Song of Zacharias – Benedictus

The Mystery of the Star

The Song of Mary – Magnificat

The Message of the Shepherds

The Song of Elizabeth – Exclamavitique

The Lesson of the Stable

When to Quit

The Awesome Power

The Inside of the Spiritual Life

The Church’s Administrator

You Can Have Hope

The Believer’s Companion

Unseen Forces

The Invisible Person

How to Win

The Forgotten Person

The Sacrifice that Jesus Made

Compassion Makes the Difference

Prepared for War

The Five Big Problems, #5 – Sex

Faithful Soldier

The Five Big Problems, #4 – Pride

A Call For Enlistment

The Five Big Problems, #3 – Money

Your Chief Enemy

The Five Big Problems, #2 – Clothes

How to Walk on Water

The Five Big Problems, #1 – Submission

Who Are Those Used by God?

Health, Healing and Healings

Five Facts About the Ten Commandments

Where Is Holy Ground?

The Value of Extremes

What is Holiness?

A Case for Maladjustment

What is Worldliness?

The Shepherd’s Promise