65th Anniversary!

65th Anniversary!

Featured in the October, 2016 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

During the 65 years of our church, we have received 2,320 members.  Many of these are in heaven, others are scattered all over the country as pastors and pastors’ wives, deacons, Bible teachers and church librarians.  Some are medical doctors, others are nurses and school teachers.  One is the wife of a U.S. Congressman.  In places all over the country, our church under God, has made an impact.

The first service of Ashburn Baptist was held on the first Sunday of January 1951 in the Kindergarten room of the Owen School, Christiana and 83rd Street in Chicago.  The church was formally organized the second Sunday in October of 1951.  The first building at 3638 W. 83rd Street, was dedicated in October of 1952.  Through the years, there have been eight building programs.  Now, the church serves the greater southwest side of Chicago from two strategic locations.

Ashburn has started 38 other Baptist churches stateside and dozens more through our missionaries overseas.

We have supported missionaries in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa.  The Gospel has gone forth through millions of pieces of Christian literature, radio and television.

From the beginning, the church has sponsored the tuition-free Ashburn Baptist Bible Institute providing college-level studies in the Bible and methods of Christian work.


The church is noted for its Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study Program, which features a 12-year curriculum that includes every Bible book.  America’s Bible teacher, Warren W. Wiersbe, has said of his program “it is excellent – balanced – a vast improvement from the other schedules I have used.”  Presently, 615 adults are enrolled.