A Hero

A Hero

Joseph M. Scheidler, who has been crusading for the unborn for over 40 years, is the father of the Pro-Life Movement.

Known for his on-the-streets direction action, he founded the Pro-Life Action League in 1980.  Syndicated columnist Patrick Buchanan called Scheidler a “The Green Beret of the Pro-Life Movement”.

Scheidler has written a book on fighting abortion “Closed:  99 Ways to Stop Abortion” and produced videos, such as, “Meet the Abortion Providers” and “Abortion:  The Inside Story”, which features former abortionists who testify as to what goes on in the abortion clinics.

Joe Scheidler has produced the definitive video on sidewalk counseling “No Greater Joy”, featuring highly-visible, pro-life demonstrations using large graphic abortion posters.

Scheidler was sued by the National Organization for Women (NOW).  The case dragged through the courts until he won a victory from the Supreme Court in 2003.  Unwilling to concede defeat, NOW appealed to the Second Circuit Court to undo the Supreme Court’s mandate.  And the US Supreme Court heard the case again, and issued an unanimous decision in favor of Scheidler in February 2006.

He has appeared as a controversial guest on over 1,000 talk shows, including Nightline, Donahue, Cross Fire, Face the Nation, Good Morning America, McNeil/Lehrer Report, The O’Reilly Factor and has appeared repeatedly in the nation’s leading newspapers.

Scheidler is a recognized expert on the abortion culture, sidewalk counseling, and the spiritual dimensions of Pro-Life activism and has conducted workshops in 48 states, besides Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Italy.

Fearless and self-sacrificing, only eternity will tell how many lives of the unborn he has saved.  Feared by Planned Parenthood and all the abortionists, he has left a big footprint on our culture favoring pro-life.  Now at 90 years of age, he still carries on this noble, moral, Christian crusade.