A New Career for Working Mothers

A New Career for Working Mothers

Featured in the May, 2008 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Are you a working mother who is weary of the same old place, the same four walls?

Are you tired of your work and dealing with uncaring, unappreciative, crabby people? Are you bored with the routine, the same task over and over and over?

Are you fearful that someday you will be put aside for someone younger or more skilled and have only IRS payments to show for your efforts?

Have you seriously wondered if you are living at your highest potential? Perhaps it’s time to think about a new career!

How would you like to change to a career that would challenge and draw out the very best in you—a career that will take you to new places and open up new experiences—one that will allow you to build strong and satisfying relationships with people who will appreciate and care about you as a person?

Would you like to bring endless, exciting variety to your life? Along with this new career comes the guarantee of lifelong security regardless of the national economy.

This career is real motherhood. Wait a moment! Not the undersold, underrated, maligned “motherhood” that you have heard about; not the caricature of a woman who is captive in her own house, a slave to her family, trapped in mindless, menial chores; not the poor woman who is “just a housewife”.

No, not this. The new career for mothers is real motherhood. This lady is not manacled to a machine, glued to a computer keyboard, or caged in an office cubicle. She has freedom! She is not the prisoner of a commuter schedule that sends her off early and brings her home exhausted. She has freedom to read, to reflect, to think, to be an informed person.

Most women do not go into the work world to become top-flight executives, but rather to be bossed by someone else. However, the real mother is a manager. The word “guide” in the King James Version of
I Timothy 5:14 is better translated “be master of the household.” Following that Biblical mandate is more satisfying and fun than working for someone else!

This career of real motherhood offers abundant opportunities for creative exercise in crafts, menus for meals, artistry in home decoration, and the selection or even the designing of the clothes for the family. Surely, there are many more outlets for personal expression than any one person would have gifts.

Is it that many mothers have abandoned the home because they found it more than they could handle? Too demanding? Too challenging? The truth is, they were really not up to it.

It takes virtue, wisdom, skill, creativity and talent in management to
fulfill the role of the Biblical homemaker described in Proverbs 31:10-31. Perhaps some routine office or department store task would more readily suite the limited ability of these women who apparently found the challenge of homemaking a bit overwhelming.

Undoubtedly, some have caved in to the pressure exerted by a heathen world which mocks marriage, maligns the family and despises motherhood, but never offers a worthy alternate.

Homemaking is people-making. The most rewarding, fulfilling work involves people. Here are children to be taught, young minds to be molded by Biblical truth and the challenge of maintaining a viable family in an anti-family society. Here is the opportunity to make home a miniature heaven as a place of security and refuge from a threatening, attacking world.

Russell Herman Conwell of Philadelphia who died in 1925, gave his famous lecture, “Acres of Diamonds,” 6,000 times and received fees totaling $8 million. The lecture hand one simple message: namely, that the wealth you want is closer than you think, probably in your own backyard or right under your feet.

Mother, that rewarding, fulfilling career about which you dream may be closer than you think. It may be right within the boundaries of the place you call home!