Featured in the September, 2016 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

 He/she appeared to be a lady, but even a second look was inconclusive.

With cap, gown and diploma, he appeared to be a college graduate, but when he spoke the indication was otherwise.

He appeared to be a musician with that special musical look and the guitar case, but when you heard him sing you drew another conclusion.

He appeared to be a father, but never noticed as his two boys were throwing stones at passing cars. He was oblivious.

He appeared to be wealthy; the house, the car, the clothes, but the house was in foreclosure.

The kid appeared to be a football player the helmet, the jersey, the shoes but, he was always dropping the ball.

He appeared to be a politician but, his reputation for honesty made it questionable.

The gentleman appeared to be married, but sometimes his ring was on and sometimes it was off.

With his hand-lettered sign and shabby clothes, he appeared to be homeless, but at the close of each day he took his non-taxable loot home to a comfortable apartment.

It looked like a good deal, a real money-maker, but it was only another pyramid scheme with loss for the investors.

With his Sunday smile and Bible in hand, he appeared to be a Christian as he went each week to church, but his often surly attitude and self-centered ways betrayed him.

With a cross on the building and the Bible on the pulpit, it appeared to be a church, but its merely humanitarian mission trips, divorced deacons and Hollywood-show service sent another message.