Be A Donkey

Be A Donkey

Featured in the April, 2012 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Is God looking for brilliant people? Geniuses who can memorize long Scripture passages. Folk with PhD’s and M.Divs? Gifted souls, eloquent speakers? Skilled-teachers of the Word?

Does God search for those having influential positions? Polished people from society’s upper-crust? Is God searching for the good-looking ones? Is He after people with prestige and power?
Jesus is looking for a donkey! He said He “had need” of him (Matthew 21:3).

In fact, the donkey is so important that 400 years before Palm Sunday, the prophet Zechariah spoke of him (Zechariah 9:9). Are you willing to be a donkey?

No one noticed the donkey, spoke of him, nor congratulated him. Jesus was the star. If you insist on being front and center, then Jesus does not need you. If you have to be noticed, commended, congratulated, celebrated, then the Lord is not looking for you.

What did the donkey do? He brought Jesus to the people. What are you to do? The same.