Bible Translations

Bible Translations

Featured in the June, 2013 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

This pastor prefers the King James Version (KJV) of the Holy Scriptures.  I was raised on the KJV and have done all my memory work in this translation.  It has served well for over 400 years and is not likely to go away.  It will probably never be excelled for its stately dignity and beauty.

However, it must be noted that the translation we KJV people use is not the 1611, but the 1769 revision by Benjamin Blayney, with over 80,000 changes from the original 1611.

It is also obvious that the Ashburn Baptist congregation is made up of folk from different cultures and a number of countries.  There are 16 primary languages other than English among our people.  For many, English is their second language.  Obviously, a 400 year old translation presents difficulties not only for some of these people, but also for some others whose reading level is limited.  For this reason, in 1988 we began using the New International Version (NIV) in our services for corporate reading.

However, we have been betrayed by the NIV committee.  These folk have brought out a “gender neutral” version, which results in over 100 inaccurate translations.  A further difficulty is that they will no longer print the 1984 NIV.  We will not use a translation which has deliberate mistranslations in   order to accommodate a  cultural agenda.

Therefore, effective September 1, we will be using the English Standard Version (ESV) for corporate reading in our services.  This worthy and reliable translation, in present-day English, should serve us well.  As of June 1, Awana will make the ESV available in their materials.  Later this year, the Gideons will begin using the ESV in all their English Bible distribution.

No generation has been blessed or bothered with so many Bible translations as ours.  Everyone seems to have his own preference.  At Ashburn Baptist, we hold steadfastly to the inerrant, infallible, authoritative Word of God.  The New Hampshire Confession of 1833 says it well, “Truth without any mixture of error”.  All looseness, liberalism, modernism, and deviation in doctrine and practice come from a weak or inaccurate position on Holy Scripture.

Because Ashburn Baptist is serious about Scripture, the entire Bible is taught in our adult classes.  Because we believe and want to practice the Word of God, we have the public, congregational reading of Scripture in all of our services.  However, we cannot read together if everybody has a different translation.  Therefore, effective September 1, we will begin using the ESV in our church services. 

The Ashburn Baptist Church has never endorsed any translation.  Our church does not have an official Bible translation.  For Bible study purposes, we have always recommended accurate, standard translations as opposed to the various paraphrases.  &

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