The Book of Revelation Simplified

The Book of Revelation Simplified

Featured in the May, 2016 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

If any book of Scripture seems to be mysterious, complicated and difficult to interpret, it is the book of Revelation.  Shelves of commentaries have been written on this book and there seem to be as many conflicting interpretations as there are commentators.

In Revelation, there is thunder, lightning, there are 24 elders, two witnesses, dragons, assorted beasts, martyrs and angels coming and going.

There are seven seals to be opened, seven trumpets to be blown and seven plagues poured out upon the earth.  What is all of this about?

It begins to unravel as you understand that the key word in this book is “throne”, which appears 46 times.  There is conflict and war over who is going to occupy this throne.

This battle between God and Satan actually began in the third chapter of the book of Genesis.  This Spiritual Warfare continues throughout Scripture.  It is brought to a climax in the book of Revelation.  The issue is who is going to run things, who will be in charge of the world God or Satan?

The book of Revelation answers this question.  It is Jesus who will sit on the throne and rule the universe (Revelation 20:11).  He will be the “King of kings and Lord of lords” (Revelation 19:16).

So, the book of Revelation is not hard to understand.  The total meaning of the book can be captured in two words “Jesus wins”!