Can Motherhood Be Exciting?

Can Motherhood Be Exciting?

Featured in the May, 2007 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

See the modern child!

He is conceived in a laboratory and born in a hospital surrounded by emotionally sterile strangers. He is then fed from a bottle with milk God intended for
a calf and probably raised in a day nursery by unfulfilled women who have rejected their own home.

The youngster may be taught by a school teacher who could not handle the emotional strain of being shut up in her house with two children and is now shut up
in a school room with 30.

The child is repeatedly told that his great-great-great-grandmother was an amoeba and now dressed in unisex clothes and sporting a unisex haircut, he asks,
“Who am I, and who cares who I am?” As he tries to establish his identity, will he become hostile and violent or simply give up and withdraw? He needs a mother!

Every youngster needs a mother who loves him, cares for him, and raises him aright lest he become another nameless numbered nothing in our socialist society.

Where is he going to find courage in an emotionally drained culture? How will he develop a conscience in an “anything goes” generation? If Mom fails him, he has no hope.

The challenge of motherhood is to build character into the child.

There is no task so difficult nor so rewarding as the raising of a youngster in the ways of God. Either you accept this challenge or you cop out and look for
something that you try and make yourself believe is “fulfilling”. There are lots of women careering who simply do not have the inner strength to accept the demands of mothering.

All of this is impossible without the Lord. Does it not say, “Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it” (Psalm 127:1).
You must have a real experience of Bible salvation through heartfelt faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have not repented of your sin and received Christ as
Savior then you are ill-equipped to lead a child in the way he ought to go. If your heart is not filled with the Word of God how can you guard your child and guide him in the way of truth?

Many think of children as a nuisance—they cost you money, take up your time, tie you down and keep you from having “fun”.

The Bible says, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward” (Psalm 127:3). The family is God’s plan.
Pregnancy is not a disease but a blessing. Mothering is a fading but challenging art to be rediscovered and enjoyed.

Today’s woman is often pictured in any role except that of a mother. She is an airline stewardess serving liquor, a teacher communicating the nonsense of
evolution, a nurse assisting at an abortion, a movie star in bed with some man other than her husband. Womankind’s crown is not merely crooked, but has fallen off.

It’s hard to have a home without a mother, and it’s impossible to be a mother without becoming skilled in the domestic arts. There

There still is no substitute for garden-fresh vegetables and home-cooked food.

Meat packer, J. Ogden Armour, said of his wife, “I did not feel especially interested in this young lady, though we were good friends, til one evening her
father gave a dinner to a lot of men. I was invited and learned that the cook had left unexpectedly and that the delicious dinner was prepared and served under
the direction of his daughter. I found my way to the kitchen and I don’t think she ever looked prettier than she did in the big gingham apron, her cheeks pink
with excitement , a dab of flour on her nose, and she was making dishes step out as if by magic. That settled it for me. I decided that what I needed was somebody
who took an interest in her home instead of being a mere butterfly.”

A visitor to the home of William Jennings Bryan at a time when notable people had gathered there to receive election returns, found Mrs. Bryan on the back
porch making blackberry jam. Asked why she was so taken up with these duties, she said, “Whichever way the election goes, Mr. Bryan will enjoy blackberry jam
with his biscuits.”

The home is still the most magnificent and mysterious of places. The lady who has captured the art of mothering makes home more intriguing than the street corner
for her growing boys. Family activities become more exciting than television as she skillfully controls the atmosphere. There are times when the home is joyously
noisy as it rings with laughter only to be balanced by other moments when it is comfortingly quiet.

It is a skillful mother who turns little boys into strong men with the encouraging words “you can do it”, and knows how to introduce little girls to the
uniqueness of womanhood and the mysteries of femininity.

The art of mothering is exercised not with, “I told you so”, but by giving helpful instruction. She does not preach at the children but there is lots of
praying in the secret place. Beauty does not fade but turns into a glory sent down from heaven upon a holy woman who has raised a good family and is now drawing
closer to the gate of the city where there is no night.