Featured in the October, 2014 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

“Church” means different things to different people. And that’s what’s confusing!

When you say “chicken”, everyone has about the same picture – a bird, feathers, two feet, a beak, it clucks, it lays eggs and ends up at KFC. We all have the same image.

But, “church”?! This is a smudgy picture. Some see a building, others recall ceremonies. There are memories of crosses, robed officials, a wedding, a funeral, begging for money, a catechism, a familiar hymn, candles, incense . . . . .

The Bible describes a church, a real church, in Acts 2:41, 42. In this Scripture passage, there are seven items that identify a real church.

  1. It is “those who have received his word”. Peter had been preaching the Gospel about Jesus Christ and salvation through Him. The church is made up of people who have heard of Jesus Christ and received Him as their only Savior. In other words, they are believers.
  2. They were “baptized”. Do not miss the point that the baptism follows the belief.
  3. They were “added”. That is, these people were definitely joined to the specific local church in Jerusalem.
  4. They adhered to “the apostles’ teaching”. Not some creed or catechism or the teachings of some 16th century theologian. The doctrine is apostolic.
  5. They continued in “fellowship”. That is, they assembled, they gathered. The very word church means to assemble. There is no church without baptized believers regularly assembling.
  6. We read about “the breaking of bread”, which refers to the regular observance of the Lord’s Supper.
  7. And finally, there are “prayers”. These people assembled and prayed together. These seven simple indications clearly state the nature of a real church.

Sadly, there are seminary graduates who have fuzzy notions of a church. Biblically it is certainly more than people gathered together in Jesus’ name.

Would you like to see a church? Ashburn Baptist Church is a church – a real one! A rarity in our time! Ashburn Baptist is not a contemporary church, a traditional church, a super church or any other adjective, but just an actual church.

Ashburn Baptist does not hold to Liberation theology, Feminist theology, California theology, Black theology, Replacement theology, Dispensational theology, Charismatic theology, Catholic theology, Lutheran theology or Reformed theology. We hold steadfastly to Biblical theology – the teaching of the apostles.

You are invited! Take a look, ask questions, probe, investigate! Here is a real message from Heaven, authentic people, eternal truth and unchanging convictions — an actual church.