Featured in the August, 2014 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

A death is always a loss and a cause for grief. It is customary to have a funeral in order to provide an occasion for mourning. However, there have been some deaths, but not funerals and very few seem to be mourning the great losses that we have experienced.

A person used to be ashamed when he did something wrong. But, shame has died! Now, a flimsy excuse is made and life goes on. Some years ago, when a girl was pregnant out of wedlock, she vanished. She was sent to live with her Aunt in Montana until the child was born. Now, she flaunts her fornication and the pregnancy may even be “celebrated” with a baby shower given by her friends. Not many years ago, folk who struggled with deviant sexual practices were in “the closet”. Now with a permit, they parade down public streets unashamed of their immorality. Adultery was once shameful, but now “affairs” are accepted. Is anyone ashamed of anything?

It is hard to find one who will stand up for what is right. Political correctness has taken over. Even preachers fear being labeled “judgmental” if they preach against sin. Everybody is afraid of offending somebody and it is a social sin to step on anyone’s toes. Courage has died in the clutter of a confused society. Who mourns the death of courage?

In 1998, William J. Bennett gave us the book on “The Death of Outrage”. We take for granted that politicians are corrupt, that Illinois governors go to prison, that there’s massive fraud in numerous government programs and that politicians lie as a way of life. No one is disturbed. The people who profess Christianity, join churches and then fail to attend, participate or give. Who is outraged?

The whole concept of character has died. The Scout Oath of the Boy Scouts of America has become a mockery as this organization has suffered a moral collapse. People often give me as a reference and these forms that I fill out used to have a question that asked, “Is this individual a person of good character?” This no longer appears on these reference forms. I am suggesting that you get my booklet “Seeking Excellence in Character”, which lists 36 character traits. You can check it out at our Church Library or buy a copy for $5. Does anybody care about character?