Good Help But Weak Christians!

Good Help But Weak Christians!

Featured in the July, 2007 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Never in the 2,000 years of Christianity have we had so much good help, but never have we had so many weak Christians.

We ought to have the best believers, because we have an abundance of opportunities for Christian growth. We born again people ought to be a race of giants. Believers who lived even just before World War II faced spiritual famine compared with our Christian feast.

Never have there been so many Christian seminars on marriage, youth, evangelism, personal growth, and anything else that would be helpful to the believer. We are well stocked with audio and video tapes on every aspect of Christian living from world experts. There are 336 Christian television stations and over 1,000 Christian radio stations.

We are bombarded with the broadcasts and books of Christian psychiatrists and psychologists offering help for every conceivable human problem.

There are more Christian bookstores than ever, plus every secular bookstore with several shelves of Christian titles; 172 new books about Christianity are published each day and we have more Bible translations than any generation has ever enjoyed.

Our grandparents had a King James Bible, a hymn book, and a few books on Bible exposition and considered themselves blessed. Now Christian experts offer us advice on everything from managing money to managing menopause. No matter what mess you get yourself into you can find some Christian guru who through seminar, book, broadcast, or videotape will give you the latest solution.

This raises some questions. In past years how did any born again person live a godly, committed, holy, faithful, and fruitful Christian life without the companionship of a Christian radio station; without Christian television; without a video series; and without shelves full of problem solving books?

How did Susanna Wesley raise ten children without Dobson? How did Wanamaker, Colgate or Rockefeller manage their money without Burkett? How did Adoniram Judson survive marriage without a seminar? How did William Cowper live through mental illness without a Christian psychiatrist?

With all the help we ought to be the strongest, the most faithful, the most godly believers who ever lived. Instead we have a bunch of soft, spoiled, spineless, self-centered, shabby saints. Perhaps we need Christian crutches because we have become Christian cripples.

What an abundance of spiritual opportunities we have and yet if we do not seize them we do not profit by them. We have a flood of good advice but it is useless if not taken. Information is of no benefit unless we act upon it. People who listen to Christian media, buy Christian books, and go to Christian seminars ought to end up living faithful committed Christian lives.

Because our Christian opportunities are so abundant, our accountability is awesome. Remember God will not hold you accountable for how spiritual you are but for how spiritual you could have been in view of the opportunities that you had.