Hell Is Not So Bad!

Hell Is Not So Bad!

Featured in the July, 2012 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

You have been told hell is a terrible place? Maybe, those people are wrong.

Hell is not so bad, in fact, it may be just the place that you are looking for. In hell, there is no Bible preacher to upset you

There are no Christians to bug you about getting saved. There are no Ten Commandments to keep. There is no Bible to read and you never were interested in that Book. You won't have to worry about any boring Bible classes in that place or hearing any of those dull hymns.

The very thought of going to a Prayer Meeting makes you uncomfortable? Cheer up, there are no prayer meetings in hell. You can think of eleven other things you would rather do than participate in the public worship of God? Then relax, in hell nobody worships God.

In that place you will experience wondrous freedom to sin. Go ahead, there is no one to restrain you. Sin as often as you want, as much as you want, in all the ways you want, and you'll never be embarrassed even a little bit.

If rebellion is your thing, you'll have a real go at it for hell is rebellion. You rebelled against your parents and other authorities, you rebelled against your husband, against the Lord's church, and against God, then you're all set to keep on rebelling for all eternity.

Hell is egoism. You can keep yourself at the very center of your existence. In hell, you are not expected to give anybody anything, love anybody, do anything for anybody, or even care about anyone. The old Methodist Evangelist Sam Jones said, "Hell is nothing but selfishness on fire".

If you find it difficult to live a responsible life, you will enjoy hell for hell is total irresponsibility. If you really enjoy doing what you want, then you'll be at home in hell where you can really "be yourself" without interference from anyone.

Hell has many advantages. If you are one of these folk who always yields to peer pressure and enjoys moving with the crowd, then hell is custom-made for you because "many there be who go in that way" (Matthew 7:13).

Furthermore, if you are afraid of that which is difficult and so you always choose the easy way, then this is the route for you to go because it says "broad is the way" so you'll have no trouble at all getting there.

Furthermore, if the Christian message of repent and change your ways is offensive to you and you like yourself just as you are, then hell is ready-made for you because no change is needed. The Devil will accept you as you are and leave you just as you are, and "he that is unjust let him be unjust still, and he that is filthy let him be filthy still" (Revelation 22:11).

Remember, heaven is not for everybody and no one is going to be forced to go there. If Bible preaching, Bible study, joyous hymn-singing, testimonies about changed lives, sacrificial giving for the spread of the Gospel, songs about the Saviour, Prayer Meetings, talk about Jesus and devoted worship of the almighty God and mingling with Christian people turns you off, then you would not find yourself happy in heaven.

In this world there are two invitations offered. I frequently hear non-Christians say, "Go to hell". The Bible indicates that a majority of people will accept that invitation (Matthew 7:13).

Then, there are Christian people who issue the invitation, "Go to heaven!" and the Bible indicates that a minority will accept that invitation (Matthew 7:14).

Those who are interested in going to heaven will repent of sin and receive Jesus Christ as Savior. They will be changed inwardly and their lives transformed outwardly. They will be converted, they will be born again through faith in Jesus Christ. Being changed by Christ, these redeemed people center not in themselves but in the Savior and rejoice in the thought of going heaven to be with Christ and His people forever and forever.