Invisible People

Invisible People

Featured in the May, 2004 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Human beings are not angels and never turn into angels. Nor do angels turn into human beings.

Angels are angels. They are spirit beings, that is they have no bodies, (Hebrews 1:14). Since they have no bodies, they cannot die (Luke 20:36). They are greater than human beings (Psalm 8:4,5); they are wise, (II Samuel 14:20), and exceedingly strong, (Psalm 103:20).

Angels were created by God (Colossians 1:16; Psalm 148:2-5), and there are lots of them! There are multitudes of angels (Luke 2:13). Thousands upon thousands (Daniel 7:10; Revelation 5:11). In fact, there are so many that they never have been counted (Hebrews 12:22).

The word “angel” means messenger. Angels announced the conception of Christ to Mary (Luke 1:28-38) and to Joseph (Matthew 1:18-23). They announced the birth of Christ (Luke 2:8-14) and His resurrection (John 20:12). They also told the apostles about the second coming of Christ (Acts 1:10,11).

Some angels are called cherubs, and they guarded Eden (Genesis 3:24). Others are called Seraphs, and they worship God continually (Isaiah 6:2,6). Two angels are named: Gabriel (Luke 1:19,26) and Michael (Revelation 12:7).

God has appointed His angels to help and serve His people (Psalm 91:11; Hebrews 1:14).

Angels hussled Lot out of the city of Sodom (Genesis 19:15), served Elijah the prophet (I Kings 19:5), and protected Daniel from wild beasts (Daniel 6:22).

It was an angel who escorted the believing beggar to paradise (Luke 16:22), led Peter out of prison (Acts 12:1-10) and an angel brought good news to Paul at a time of crisis (Acts 27:23,24).

If you have turned from sin and trusted in the Savior, God will send one of His angels to deliver you in time of danger (Psalm 34:7).