Miracle Money

Miracle Money

Featured in the May, 2011 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

The new budget represents a 1.55% increase over last year; however, our morning service during the last church year has increased 11% and our Sunday School has increased 13%. We are seeing explosive growth on our website with article requests up by 18% and sermon downloads increasing by 204%. That we are able to fund the vast program of this church in two locations along with our overseas missions for less than a million dollars is a miracle.

Prices are up whether it is gas for your car or groceries for your table. We are paying more. Our taxes have increased and so has just about everything else. Unemployment is high and so are foreclosures.

The new church year began May 1st and the church has voted a budget of $927,335 for the coming 12 months. The church does not have this money, it much come in week by week at the rate of $17,833 a week.

All the salaries in this budget are moderate. They are below the average household income of the congregation, but we have found it necessary to give moderate increases in the salary for our missionary in France and Belarus and also, our missionary in Jerusalem. Also, we are funding a new missionary in a needy part of India.

We do not beg nor do anything to raise funds. There are no rummage sales, bake sales or pledge drives. We do not have “crisis” so that we’re coming to the church saying that our missionaries will not get their allotment nor our staff get their checks unless we have “x” amount money by next Sunday.

The entire work of Ashburn Baptist is sustained by our tithes and offerings. Consequently, our regular weekly giving is important. It is our privilege to share in the Lord’s work through His blood-bought church.