Playdough Theology

Playdough Theology

Featured in the November, 2003 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Many people think God is like playdough. You can make Him what you want Him
to be.

The person who makes his god with his mind is no different from the heathen who
makes his god with his hands. Both are idolaters. Each has a false and
non-existent god.

The god you create with your mind is only an illusion and does not truly exist.
The true God has created us and we have not created Him. A god you imagine is an
imaginary god.

Some people think god to be mean and angry, a being who delights to find us
doing wrong so he can punish us. Others have a warm and fuzzy concept of god,
one who brings everybody into his heaven.

Sometimes questions are raised such as, why does god allow old people to suffer
or why does he cause the death of little children. But the god you are thinking
about does not exist except in your own mind.

God did not leave it to our feeble, finite, fallen minds to figure out who He
is. God is not who we think He is, but who He says He is.

That’s what the Bible is all about. The Scripture is God’s revelation of

From the beginning of the Bible to the end, God through words, through actions
and through His dealings with nations and people is making known to us exactly
who He is. To believe in someone else is to believe in a phantom god.

There are different ideas of god because different people have different
experiences and think differently about who god might be. You will never believe
in the true God unless you read His Book and find out who He says He is. This is
why at Ashburn Baptist we carefully study the Scripture so that we might know
the true God, believe in Him, and have a personal relationship with Him.

For more detailed information as to who God is, please access our website and find the article, “The True God”.