Featured in the June, 2016 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Summerized” is what happens to you in only one season of the year.

Summerized is a June bone break that leaves your leg in a cast for the rest of the season.  Or the long loved family cat vanishing just before your vacation.  Or your car breaking down so the mechanic gets the money intended for the motel.

Being summerized is being victimized by a lawn that you work on with water and fertilizer only so you can toil to cut it.

Summerization includes mosquitoes, unannounced out-of-town guests, highway detours, more dandelions than grass, a leaking pool and Carl returning from camp without his suitcase.

Some day someone will write a “How to Survive Summer” book and get enough royalties to spend these months in the southern hemisphere and eliminate summer from his life.

Summer is the season when you are plagued by more catastrophes than any other time of the year.  It takes a wise and courageous man to face summerization and come off healthier, wealthier and more spiritual.


The beach barbecue is you on the grill solarized until you’re tender to the touch.  There is no doubt that the body suffers from summerization.

If you were reasonably clothed you would not be unreasonably cooked, but nudity has become a part of summerization. The ancients returning from military conquests paraded their captives through the street naked in order to demean them.  Whatever the fashions or fads, modesty is an enduring principle.  Civilized people retain their dignity by covering themselves.

Emerging from the indolence of winter hibernation, the urge for vigorous exercise can make summerization suicidal.  Paul did tell young Timothy that “bodily exercise profits little” (I Timothy 4:8), but overlooking the word “little” some folk might as well direct their jogging toward the cemetery.

Since the believer knows that his body is “the temple of the Holy Spirit” (I Corinthians 6:19) and that we are to “glorify God in our body”, we should realize that summer should make a contribution to our health.


Some folk who otherwise daily read their Bibles and regularly attend public worship discover that summerization includes a spiritual collapse.

Personal devotions are neglected, prayer meeting forgotten and the Lord’s Day given to golfing, swimming, camping and madly motoring about the countryside.  Some folk never recover from these spiritual detours and others are permanently injured.

The tithe is spent for motel rooms and folk who can always find the beach can never find a biblical church to attend.  Parents who practice summer backsliding do not need to wonder why they  have lost their spiritual influence on their children.

It is tragic when summerization is spiritually destructive.  Summer is really a great spiritual opportunity.


Taking a vacation from work can be delightful, but taking a vacation from God can be disastrous.  Ask Jonah who tried to take a vacation from God and had a bad trip.

Summer is the time when you need to think about your soul and your relationship to God.  If you have never definitely repented of sin and received Christ as Savior, then this is the time of year to turn your heart toward Him and receive the gift of life everlasting least your lament be, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved” (Jeremiah 8:20).

If you are already a born-again person, then the summer time can be filled with spiritual blessings.  Take time for special enjoyments.  Get up early and go to the beach to watch the sun rise across Lake Michigan.

Wait for the eventide and see it touch the west with gold as it vanishes.  Enjoy the city parks, the trails in the Forest Preserve District or the beauty God has created in our State Parks.  Get away from the lights of the city and take your family to a field on a moonless night to see the splendor of the stars.

Then, why not take one Bible book and master it this summer.  Read it through in several translations.  Identify the key chapters and title them.  Memorize the outstanding verses until you make that Bible book yours for the rest of your life.

Be faithful in your Christian stewardship by giving your tithe to your church before you go on vacation.  Do something extra to further God’s work in the summer when there are so many evangelistic opportunities.

Keep the Lord’s Day wherever you are.  It is always a joy when visiting in some other place to find the people of God and mingle your voice with theirs in praise and to encourage them by your presence.

Now, instead of being a summer victim why not be a spiritual victor?