The Balloon Man

The Balloon Man

Featured in the October, 2003 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

You can see his skills at the carnival or at someone’s party.

He twists the balloon, he pulls it, he squeezes it and then, suddenly, there is
a horse, a dachshund, a teddy bear, a giraffe, a cat or a poodle. As he
sculptures the balloon, the only limit is his imagination and his skill.

There are many people who treat the Bible like a balloon. They sculpt
Scripture to their own fancy.

You twist Scripture one way and you are a Methodist, another and you are a
Presbyterian. You can bend the Bible and end up an Episcopalian or a
Pentecostal. Keep tampering with the Scripture and you can be a Jehovah Witness,
a Mormon, or a New Ager.

Just like the same balloon can be molded into any shape, so can the Scripture be
manipulated until it says whatever you want it to say.

King Jehoiakim cut out part of God’s Word and burned it in the fire (Jeremiah
36:22,23). In the time of Christ the Pharisees were adding to the Word of God
with their traditions (Matthew 15:3).

But, the Bible is “the Word of God” (Hebrews 4:12) and there is a very stern
warning given to anyone who “adds” or “takes words away” from the Scripture
(Revelation 22:18,19).

You may play with balloons, but you do not play with the Bible.

The Bible is the only book in the world that tells us who God is and who we
truly are. This is the only book which is able to make us “wise for salvation
through faith in Jesus Christ” (II Timothy 3:15). Only at your peril do you
meddle with Scripture. This is the book that tells us where we came from, how we
ought to live, how to avoid hell and how to get to heaven.

This is the Book that is taught in all the classes and services at the Ashburn
Baptist Church.

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