The Big Problem With Creation

The Big Problem With Creation

Featured in the October, 2005 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Why do people believe in evolution when evidence is so inadequate? Why is there reluctance to accept creation as the explanation for the existence of the universe, our planet, and all that is on it? What is the big problem with creation?

Why are some people anti-creation? The fact of creation is excluded from public education. Creation is derided by the self-appointed intellectual elite. Creationists are treated as uneducated. Anyone who holds to creation is counted as an unscientific ignoramus. Why is it that shabby, untenable, inadequately supported evolution is so eagerly grasped as a
“viable” alternate?

There is a reason!

The big problem is that if creation is true then there is a Creator! The typical American is not a theist but a humanist. A theist has no problem with creation, but a humanist is in a panic at the thought of creation.

If there is a creation, then there must be a Creator. If a Creator, then there are commandments, and if commandments, then sin. There is also accountability and, frightfully, judgment!

So it is not on logical or scientific grounds that a person holds to evolution, but on practical grounds. There is just too big a problem admitting to a Creator. Creation is dangerous for the irresponsible person.

It is not easy to do away with the fact of creation. The existence of the world an and of the human race is obviously evident. There has to be some kind of explanation. It is humorous, if not pitiful, that evolution has become the explanation.

Putting a fable label on the first two chapters of Genesis is not the solution to the problem. The teaching on creation is woven throughout the fabric of Scripture.

The term “Creator” occurs 11 times in 8 different Bible books, including 4 from the New Testament. The word
“creation” appears 24 times in the New Testament alone. The verb “create” shows up 61 times in 17 different Bible books. The term
“creature” turns up 119 times in the Scriptures.

You can’t believe in the Bible without believing in creation, and if you throw out the Bible, you have discarded Christianity. There is no such thing as holding to evolution and also claiming to believe the Bible and to be a Christian. All this is closely knit.

The big problem with admitting the fact of creation is that one is also compelled to believe in the Creator. It is not a scientific, logical, or philosophical problem. It is a moral and spiritual problem.