The Boy Who Lost His Lunch

The Boy Who Lost His Lunch

Featured in the August, 2003 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

“Mother, the lunch you gave me when I went to hear the Master . . . You will never believe what happened to it!”

The Village was a buzz with news that the Master was coming near by. Many wanted
to see Him and hear Him. The little lad also wanted to get a glimpse of the Man who had done so many
miracles. His mother knew he would be gone long enough to be hungry and put five
little barley loaves and two small dried fish in a cloth that she carefully

It was a beautiful day with blue sky and birds soaring overhead as the little
fellow mingled with the crowd. They passed through fields where flowers bloomed
until Jesus finally sat on the hillside and spoke to the people.

The day quickly passed and they were far from the villages. The boy had worked
his way through the crowd to get close to the Master. Jesus was saying that the
disciples should feed the people. But they protested they had nothing to give
them. Phillip said that $50,000 would not be enough to buy food for this crowd.

Just then the little fellow sidled up to Andrew and said, “I’ll give my lunch”.

Andrew gave the loaves and fish to Jesus, who thanked for them and began to
divide them.

Mother, you should have been there, you should have seen. Jesus kept breaking
the bread and there was always more. He kept dividing the fish and it seemed
like there was no end to it.”

“Mother, thousands and thousands ate from my lunch and the disciples collected
twelve big baskets of leftovers! And I ate also. It was a miracle”.

“Mother, if He could help so many people with my lunch, what would he do if I
gave Him my life?”