The Devil’s Playground

The Devil’s Playground

Biblical churches are the Devil’s playground.

A Scriptural church does two things:  It edifies the saints and evangelizes sinners.  Believers must be built up in the faith.  These Bible-taught believers are to bring the Gospel to the lost.

The Devil is the master of detours!  He would like to make side-issues the main issue.  He detracts from the main issues and disrupts churches.

Music is a side-issue.  Being an art form, it is subject to the preferences of individuals.  There were “music wars” over Psalms or hymns during the 1700’s in England’s Psalm-singing churches.  Then, came Isaac Watts with his hymns of “human composure”, and the Devil succeeded in disrupting churches.  Now, shall it be the organ, the piano or neither?  What about strings?  Or drums?  And the Devil delights to have people fuss about “new” or “old” Christian songs, but a moment’s thought will reveal that every hymn was once new.  Should we use hymnbook or screen?  Why not read Psalm 150?

Or Satan may bring confusion in a church about building programs.  Should there be pews or individual seats?  Should there be a gym?  Can it be sanctified with a title “Christian Life Center”?

The Devil has himself a good time over the Bible translation issue.  It has been a significant disruption since some insist that only the King James Version is the Word of God.  This raises the question, “Did we have the Word of God before 1611?”  Also, the KJV that we all use, is the 1769 revision by Benjamin Blayney, with over 80,000 changes from the 1611 text.  When we fuss over translations, the Devil laughs.

Satan invariably raises questions about leadership in the local church.  Should elders run the church or should it be the deacons?  And all the while, we have forgotten that the church is not ours since we have not purchased it with our blood (Acts 20:28) and that Christ is the Head of the Church (Ephesians 1:22).

One masterful trick of the Devil is to get a key person, preferably the pastor, to fall into some obvious sin, thus, embarrassing the church and sowing turmoil among the members.

Remember it is very simple for Satan to sidetrack a church with any number of subterfuges.  The antidote to this poison is to consciously and vigorously stay with the main issues of edifying the saints and evangelizing sinners.