The Forbidden Book

The Forbidden Book

Featured in the September, 2012 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

The Bible is the forbidden Book. Though it has been the most influential book in Western civilization, yet it has been banned in our public elementary schools, our high schools and our colleges. Why are our educators so afraid of the Bible?

William Lyon Phelps, professor for 41 years in the English Department at Yale, wrote "A knowledge of the Bible without a college course is more valuable than a college course without the Bible."

"The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy" by Hirsch, Kett and Trefil states that "the Bible is the most widely-known book in the English-speaking world". And also, "No one in the English-speaking world can be considered literate without a basic knowledge of the Bible." It is further stated, "The logical conclusion is that our schools need to teach more about the Bible… teaching about the Bible is not only consistent with our Constitution, it is essential to our literacy." This encyclopedic work goes on with 26 pages, double-column, of definitions of basic Bible terms and phrases.

John Richard Green in his "Short History of the English People" states, "England became a people of a Book, and that book was the Bible." It is impossible to adequately understand English or American literature apart from Bible knowledge since it is often referred to in these works. Shakespeare has 800 quotations from the Scripture plus over 1,000 allusions to the Bible.

Without a knowledge of the Christian Scriptures, what sense can a student make of Dante, Milton or Dostoyevsky?

"The Harvard Guide to American History" says, "Almost every English or American writer of distinction is indebted to Shakespeare and the English Bible". The arts: music, painting and sculpture can never be fully appreciated apart from a knowledge of Scripture.

Who are these uneducated educators who have banned the Bible from our schools?

In 1870, compulsory state education was made a law in England. T. H. Huxley, the famed agnostic agreed to be a candidate for the London School Board. He insisted that the Bible had to be included in the core curriculum. The agnostic wrote, "Throughout the history of the Western world, the Scriptures have been the great instigators of revolt against the worst forms of clerical and political despotisms. The Bible has been the Magna Carta of the poor and the oppressed…the Bible is the most democratic book in the world. I believe that the human race is not yet, and possibly may never be, in a position to dispense with it."