The Money Book

The Money Book

Featured in the June, 2006 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

With 2,350 verses on the subject, the Bible is the Money Book.

You may not have Bill Gates’ 50 billion or Warren Buffett’s 42 billion, but money is important to you. How can you live without it?

It’s not a sin to earn it, but it is to waste it. It’s not a sin to save it, but it is to love it (I Timothy 6:10). What we do with what we have touches every part of our lives. Money is important!

Money Quiz

Here are some questions to ask yourself::

  1. Do I know my net worth?
  2. Do I have a budget that works for me?
  3. Do I pay off my credit cards each month?
  4. Do I have a regular savings plan?
  5. Do I tithe my income to the Lord’s church?

If the answer is “yes” to all of the above, then you are on a good money track. If you always seem to be short and feel that you always need more, then you are in trouble. But there is hope!

Money Help

During June, July and August we are offering a Summer Financial Seminar titled, “Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money”. This is an eight session series from Crown Financial Ministries founded by the famed Larry Burkett. See the dates on Page 1 of this paper. There is no cost for this seminar, but the workbook will cost you $9. Even if you feel you are doing fairly well, you will pick up information that will be of financial help to you. The two basic tools that are necessary for everyone are included in this seminar.

Money Danger

More people declare bankruptcy each year than graduate from high school. The average credit card balance is almost $10,000. If you have balances on which you are paying interest, you may as well leave the doors of your house unlocked and let people walk off with what you have. The path to wealth is not paying interest, but collecting it.

Last year the Commerce Department reported that the savings rate was –0.5%. This means the typical person spent everything he earned and dipped into savings or went into debt to spend more. Because the values of homes has risen, many have taken out Home Equity Loans to fuel their spending habits, which one investment strategist called, “using their home as ATM machines.” He who consumes his home equity for living expenses is living in a financial fools paradise. Many people are in serious financial trouble and are unaware of it. The last time the savings rate was below zero was in the depression year of 1933.

Money Solutions

The Bible contains all the needed principles for sound money management and accumulating wealth. Here are the stories of many millionaires, including Job, Abraham, Solomon and others.

Of the 38 parables Jesus spoke, 12 are about money. One verse in every six of Matthew, Mark and Luke has to do with money. In the book of Proverbs, 142 verses deal with finances.

Yes, the Bible is the Money Book.