The Prize of Islam

The Prize of Islam

Featured in the June, 2007 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

 Europe is the prize of Islam. Muslims will not give up until they get it.

732 AD

After conquering Spain, the Muslim Army crossed the Pyrenees to take France. They were driven back by Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours at Poitiers, France. They were only 100 miles from Paris. Had they not been defeated, Europe would have become Muslim.

1529 AD

At a time when European Christendom was in turmoil and being divided by the Protestant Reformation, the Muslims made an assault on the city of Vienna. Belgrade had already fallen, and Hungary captured. As Suleiman the Magnificent besieged Vienna, he was defeated; but before he withdrew, he murdered 2,000 prisoners.

1683 AD

The Muslims are back to Vienna with an army of 300,000. The city walls were manned by 24,000 defenders For two months, the Muslims fired their canon into the city. There were daily violent assaults, with the number of defenders shrinking and the hospitals full of the sick and the wounded. Only when John Sobieski, the King of Poland appeared with coalition forces, were the attackers driven back. The captured Muslim guns were melted down to make a great bell for St. Stephens Cathedral.

The world’s foremost Islamic scholar, Bernard Lewis, says, "For more than a thousand years, Europe, that is to say Christendom, was under constant threat of Islamic attack and conquest. If the Muslims were repelled in one region they appeared with greater strength in another."


No longer do Islamic Armies attack Europe. There is a new strategy: immigration and multiplication. Europe is being invaded by "immigration". Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands have at least a 10% Muslim population; France, 12% and Switzerland, 20%.

The birth rate in Europe is about 1.5, whereas 2.1 is needed to maintain the European population. As the European population shrinks, the Muslim population is exploding in the EU. Already 16 to 20 percent of children in European countries are Muslim. Because of multiple wives and a high birth rate, a Muslim family can be large. Osama bin Ladin had 53 siblings! Muslims have target dates for taking over European nations.

Will Islam conquer the world? Absolutely not! Read Psalm 2, “He that sits in the heavens shall laugh and the Lord shall have them in derision”. When the Lord Jesus Christ returns, he will be "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS" (Revelation 19:16)