The Proof of Christianity

The Proof of Christianity

Featured in the March, 2007 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Christianity is proven because it has survived 2,000 years of Christians.

The whole pack of atheists, agnostics and free thinkers – the Voltaires, Ingersolls and O’Hairs – have not made a small dent in its armor…or even a scratch.

The hostile, pseudo-scholars – the Eichhorns, Wellhausens and Renans – have inflicted insignificant damage on real Christianity.

The cults – Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses or the New Agers – have been unable to cause much trouble.

The humanists, evolutionists and existentialists have bothered less than fleas on a dog.

It’s not been the outsiders but the insiders who have been the real threat! The house that defies the tornado may be destroyed by termites.

Christianity’s press kit could not have had better writers than Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul and Peter, but the product bellies the pitch.

Could you imagine how easy it would be to believe on Jesus if you did not have to climb over so many hypocritical Christians to get to Him.

The grouchy usher who’s “Good Morning” makes you wonder if he ever had one. The unprepared Sunday School teacher whose dry reading of the miracle from the quarterly is duller than a passage from Herodotus.

The Sunday morning soloist who would not be allowed to sing any place but church. The deacon who’s calling is to dig at the preacher and see if he can run him off. The lazy pastor who reviews current events but does not get out of bed in the morning, and sometimes not into the right one at night. The unauditioned, inadequately rehearsed choir that would not be invited to sing at a corn festival but ventures to praise God.

Church, instead of being a bridge to the kingdom, becomes a blockade with its petty pouters, gossipers, green and red carpet factions plus the tile sub-faction.

Then there are those who shout at games and don’t sing at church and others with more money for jeans than for Jesus. Add to this those invisible at church, but highly visible at some places not know for piety. Mention must be made for the “legalists” who make rules for others but follow none themselves, and also the “grace” group that claims to honor God by providing a pile of sins for Him to pardon.

We must not leave out those who believe in prayer but not Prayer Meeting, tithing but do not tithe, and church, but only go when nothing else is scheduled.

Christian PR is a disaster! Are there no real Christians? Are there no godly people, no holy believers? Of course, but don’t ask Gallup to take a poll.

There is not a sin that has not been committed by some professing Christian and a favorite sport of the lost is watching born-againers bungle Christian living. If you look at Christians it would be easy to write off Christianity.

However, you don’t have to believe in any Christian in order to go to heaven. All that is required is that you believe in Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31).

That Christianity has survived Christians is positive proof that it is the faith given by God from heaven. That the Lord’s churches have survived in spite of many of their members is irrefutable evidence of divine origin.

You had better believe, for there’s no other way to heaven than Jesus (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). Don’t worry! Christianity may survive even in spite of you!