The Vanishing Christian Home

The Vanishing Christian Home

Featured in the June, 2003 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

There are many kinds of homes that are not Christian.

There is the TV Home with its movies, game shows, and mindless chatter with unelected persons telling our president what to do.

There is the Pet Home where animals are important and trips to the vet and Petsmart are high on the schedule.

There is the Sports Home with the kids enrolled in a range of baseball, soccer and basketball teams that keep the family on the move and even going to other cities.

There is the Micro Home where meals are zapped and then gulped.

There is the Computer Home where family members sit in the semi-dark for hours mesmerized by the screen.

There is the Money Home where each adult works at least one job so as to keep one step ahead of the bill collector.

Then there is the Hotel Home where the family shows up only for a quick night of sleep.

But, there are also Christian Homes!

In this household, the father and mother are Bible-believing Christians and Christ is the Head. The husband/father is the Chief Executive Officer (Ephesians 5:23) and the wife/mother is the Chief Operating Officer in charge of daily management (I Timothy 5:14).

In this home, the Bible is the guide (Psalm 119:105) and prayer is frequently offered (Psalm 55:17).

Each day, the family has at least only meal together and there is a time of Scripture reading and prayer.

In this home, each one is the servant of the others (Philippians 2:3-5). There is a disciplined lifestyle that allows the mother to be at home with the children.

This family is regularly found at public worship with other Christian people where Christ is honored and the Word of God faithfully taught. The atmosphere of this home is one of quiet peacefulness in a bond of love.