The Word Game

The Word Game

Featured in the July, 2013 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Toying with the dictionary has become an American obsession.  The word game is played mostly by politicians and educators with the cooperation of the media.

This would be a harmless pastime except that when communication is weakened or distorted, society begins to fall apart.  These word-crafters are playing with our morals.

These professionals have become so skilled that they are as adept at winning as we are consistent at losing.  Weasel-wording, half-truths and nice sounding terms for terrible deeds have brought confusion to our culture.  They have scored enough successes to make them confident and get enough cooperation from news commentators and textbook authors to assure calamity for all of us.

The word game is not too hard to play.  You simply choose a neutral term instead of a nasty one with the assumption that repetition will assure its replacing the truth.

No longer do we have drunks, but only alcoholics; and we have been led to understand that this habit is not a sin, but a sickness.

For some time, we have not had any thieves to be punished, but only kleptomaniacs to be pitied.

Abortion has become a respectable term to describe the murder of an unborn human being.  The moral stigma of these murders has been removed as over 1,000,0000 women a year dispose of their own children.

Euthanasia almost sounds beautiful.  The English word is from the Greek, which means a “pleasant death”, and who would be opposed to that!  This smooth sounding word is now used to talk about murdering old people who have become a burden to their families and the extermination of the handicapped who are no wanted.

Sodomites are now called “gays” to cover up the fact that they are unhappy people struggling with serious identity problems.  Unloved by themselves, they fear that if their deviant sexual practices are known, they will be rejected by society, and therefore, are miserable persons.  The sterile, clinical term “homosexual” is intended to describe an “unchosen” condition and therefore, the person escapes any moral judgment.  The historic term “Sodomite” is not neutral because it describes one who lived in the corrupt city of Sodom which was destroyed by God because the people had “an alternate life style” (Genesis 19).

Sex education is a nice term.  Who would be against sex, and we all favor education.  However, this label is wrapped around a package that includes the teaching of birth control methods to high school and even grade school youngsters, and this teaching often done by one who has no proper standard of morality.  It is evident that the under-miners of our society have once more won at their game, for V.D. among young people is soaring and in spite of all the birth control information made available to teenagers, the pregnancy rate is at an all-time high.

Federal Aid sounds good, and the prevailing mood is to get all you can.  States want federal aid and so do cities as well as numerous religious organizations and millions of individuals.  After all, what is better than “free money”?  However, it is not federal and neither is it aid.  It is your money and it is invariably used to disrupt your life.  The federal government has only one source of funds and that is your pocket.

The tax on rich corporations is a myth.  These corporations simply increase the price of goods and services so that these taxes are paid by you and me.  All the money comes from individuals.  This is the money that is used to create all these agencies and bureaucracies which ceaselessly meddle in business, education, health care, and private lives, thus complicating our lives and driving up the cost of everything we need and want.  The word mongers have succeeded again.

Children’s Rights sounds good until you realize it is just a label for a scheme to dignify and legalize rebellion of children against their parents.  Many an unthinking person will be talked into promoting “children’s rights” without stopping to remember that responsibilities must accompany rights and that this devilish program will use government funded attorneys to enable bratty kids to sue their parents and recover damages.

The foes of the family not content with murdering babies and old people and making Sodomites respectable as well as condoning copulation without commitment to marriage, will have wrought the ultimate destruction of the family through children’s rights legislation, so that there will not be one faint shadow left of the biblical family structure.  When the basic unit of society is gone, all will crumble.

The word game is no idle pastime.  It is a serious, skilled strategy to destroy our nation, our culture, our society and everything we know that has lasting value.