Theology is the study of Christian doctrine in a logical and systematic way.

There are many theologies.  All presumably from the same Bible.  There is Catholic Theology, Lutheran Theology, Reformed theology, Arminian Theology, Dispensational Theology, Charismatic Theology, Liberation Theology, Feminist Theology, Replacement Theology, California Theology and so on.

This raises the question “How can sincere people reading the same Scripture come up with different viewpoints?”.

Looking at my bookshelf, I see volumes on systematic theology by Thomas Aquinas (2-Vol); Bancroft, Barackman; Bavinck; Berkhof; Calvin (2-Vol); Chafer (8-Vol); Erickson; Finney; Gill; Gruden; Hodge (3-Vol); McCune; Ott; Pendleton; Strong; and Thiessen.  And, no two agree on everything!

What is the reason for the disagreement and all these differences?

The explanation is that Christianity has been around for 2,000 years, and over the course of time, it picks up viewpoints, teachings and concepts that were not originally in the Scriptures nor in Apostolic Christianity.

It’s like the human body.  As a body ages, you may end up with corns, callouses, bunions, warts, moles, kidney stones or a couple cancerous lumps.  They were not there at birth, but have been acquired.

So, it is with Christianity.  Some warts and moles have been picked up along the way.

What is the solution?  Simply go back to “the apostles’ doctrine” (Acts 2:42), which is found in the sacred Scriptures.  Do an end run around all the theologies and simply have Biblical Theology.  This is position of the Ashburn Baptist Church.