Two Measures of Life – Part I

Two Measures of Life – Part I

Featured in the January, 2007 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

How can you evaluate your life? There are two questions you can ask to evaluate your life. The first is, “What will I leave behind?” and the second is, “What will I send on ahead?”

What will you leave behind beside a tombstone? Moses left behind three-million Jews freed from Egyptian slavery.

Paul the Apostle left behind churches in the key cities of the Roman Empire.

Augustine left behind his personal Christian testimony in the book, “Confessions”.

Michelangelo left behind numerous paintings of Biblical subjects.

William Tyndale left us the first printed translation of the New Testament.

John Bunyan blessed us with his “Pilgrim’s Progress”.

Johann S. Bach enriched the human race with his immortal compositions.

William Wilberforce left the British Empire freed from the curse of slavery.

David Livingstone explored and opened up Africa for missionary work.

Fanny Crosby gave us over 8,000 hymns.

J.P. Morgan left in his will a ringing testimony of personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb and 1,000 other inventions.

J.C. Penney left behind 1,660 department stores all closed on the Lord’s Day.

One measure of your life is what you leave behind. Another is what you send on ahead, and having run out of space, we will discuss that next month on this page.