Unholy Questions for Holy Week

Unholy Questions for Holy Week

Featured in the April, 2003 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Why was the holy city of Jerusalem the scene of the unholy conspiracy to crucify Christ?

How could the trusted Apostle Judas make merchandise of his Master?

Why did the Disciples flee when their Lord was betrayed?

Why did Peter desert and deny his Master?

How could “Hosannas” turn to “Crucify” in only five days?

How could Pilate condemn Christ when he had three times declared Him innocent?

Whose untended garden grew the thorns for the crown?

Whose shop sold the lash that cut the back of Christ?

Whose loom wove the purple cloth that hung in mockery on the Savior’s shoulders?

What carpenter fashioned the beams for the cross?

Whose forge shaped the nails that pierced Christ’s hands and feet?

Why, having heard Christ’s words and seeing His miracles, did not the vast majority of the people believe on Him as Savior?

Why did female followers of Christ outnumber men at the foot of the cross?

For whose sins did Christ suffer when He was crucified?

Why did the religious leaders accept the fact of the resurrection, and even bribe the guards to tell a lie but not have saving faith in Jesus Christ?

Why do you accept the facts of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, but not definitely and personally receive Him as Savior and Lord?