Vacuum Cleaner Christianity

Vacuum Cleaner Christianity

Featured in the November, 2009 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

A vacuum is emptiness.

If you want vacuous Christianity, then the first step is to empty Christianity.

Be sure to empty Christianity of all great doctrines, or at least, don’t mention them publicly. There is no use in keeping them because they sound strange to many people and offensive to others. So, empty Christianity of the Trinity, teachings about God’s omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence and sovereignty. Gone are the incarnation and teachings about blood atonement. Regeneration, justification, sanctification do not appeal to the modern mind and so, must be discarded.

Blaming is in and accountability is out. The Bible teaching about what is a church just divides people and Bible baptism confuses others. And of course, all talk about sin has to be silenced.

Also, vacuum cleaner Christianity does away with serious Bible study as Sunday Schools dwindle and vanish. The great hymns by Watts, Wesley, Montgomery, Bonar, and Havergal will not be needed.

Prayer meetings are a relic of a by-gone age. Family worship has no place in vacuum cleaner Christianity, and meaningful personal devotions are not needed.

A vacuum cleaner is indiscriminate. It has no standards as it picks up anything and everything: lint, sawdust, mice droppings, corn flakes and dirt of all kinds.

Vacuum cleaner Christianity has become very popular from Bangor, Maine, to San Diego, California; from International Falls, Minnesota, to Brownsville, Texas. It has spawned many “churches” and has hordes of “Christians”.

Since vacuum cleaner Christianity has been fairly well emptied of historic Biblical Christianity numerous alternates have been sucked into the bag. Psychology has displaced doctrine. Personal fuzzy feelings have taken the place of solid Bible facts. Vacuous repetitive ditties have been substituted for hymns with content. Instead of real prayer meetings, there are now small groups in which the participants talk mostly to one another instead of to God.

The primary emphasis is on the body rather than on the soul, with Christian diets, Christian exercise classes, and Christian cafes in the so-called churches. Christian counselors are now popular.

As psychology trumps Scripture, no one is a fornicator but some are simply sexually active. There are no adulterers, just people having affairs. No one is a sodomite, as sad has been turned into gay. Drunks are now alcoholics.

As sins have become diseases and personality disorders, repentance is no longer needed as counseling takes it place.

Anyone with a little discernment can observe that vacuum cleaner Christianity has been highly successful in sucking up a considerable amount of dust and dirt.