Well Balanced!

Well Balanced!

Featured in the January, 2009 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

On Saturday, July 24,1915, the excursion boat “Eastland” tipped over in the Chicago River; 812 people were drowned. The majority of people who slid from the decks into the river were Western Electric employees who lived in Cicero.

Too many passengers stood on one side of the boat and the imbalance resulted in the disaster.

People have problems with imbalance, but not God. All God does is marked by perfect balance. Nigh is balanced with day, summer with winter, spring with fall. There is not only land, but also sea; there are valleys and mountains.; prairies and forests. The God who gives the sunshine balances it with the rain. He who made the man also made the woman.

The more advanced and exacting our knowledge, the more we understand what God has done. The naturalist describes a delicate and necessary balance in the natural world. When it is maintained, all is well; when upset, there is destruction.

The physician describes the chemical balance in the human body. Its disruption results in disease and even death.

Balance assures order, beauty and utility. Imbalance means trouble!

In art, imbalance results in grotesque; in architecture, it is dangerous; in accounting, it can lead to bankruptcy. When the athlete loses his balance, he sprawls on the ground and may lose the contest. When the musical instruments are not balanced there is cacophony instead of symphony. When the mind is unbalanced we call it insanity.

As God is the author of balance, so Satan is the originator of imbalance.

In addition to getting a person from earth to heaven, salvation brings balance to an individual’s life. Just as surely as Christ saves us from sin, He delivers us from imbalance in our lives. In fact, the Christian life lived according to the Word of God is the only life that has the possibility of being well balanced.

The born-again person has a balanced concern for his soul and also for his body which has become the temple of the Holy Spirit. The believer balances a week of work with a day of worship; is concerned not only about getting from God, but about giving to others. As a growing person he has learned to spend quiet time alone in the presence of God, and also to interact socially as he regularly fellowships with other believers.

The real believer sees employment, family and church responsibilities not in competition one with the other, but each in its place complementing the other and providing balance in his life. Because he is a good steward he has a proper appreciation of material things, but balances this with a wholesome attention to the spiritual. He weeps, but also laughs (Ecclesiastes 3:4;
Romans 12:15). He balances his time of silence with times of speaking (Ecclesiastes 3:7).

We who are real Christian believers have an adequate appreciation for the past, our Christian heritage; but give proper attention to the present, and also pay attention to the future without being so overwhelmed by one that the others are neglected.

God offers this life to everyone who will repent of sin and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is a wholesome, healthy, well-balanced life lived according to the Word of God.

Next time life seems to go amok, look carefully and see if it is not the problem of balance, and if living according to the Word of God will not correct the problem by restoring the balance. After all, who wouldn’t want a well-balanced life?