What Does A Church Do?

What Does A Church Do?

Featured in the August, 2015 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

At the Ashburn Baptist Church, there are six on the ministry staff with a total of 149 years of pastoral experience. Pastoral care is available 365 days of the year. Our church visits the sick and shut-in, counsels the troubled, comforts the bereaved and helps the needy. There are numerous programs for all ages.

Though a church does many things, a biblical church majors on Bible study.

Each Sunday at Ashburn Baptist, 9:45 a.m., there are Bible classes for all ages and nursery care for infants and toddlers. Over 1,000 are enrolled.

Youngsters, grades 1-12, follow a carefully designed curriculum that covers the entire Bible. Tests are given to these students at the close of each quarter. To our knowledge, there is no other church in the country that regularly tests its Sunday School students. Consequently, the student knows how he’s doing, the teacher is aware of progress, and the parents are assured that the Bible study hour is productively spent. In a time of biblical illiteracy, we want to be serious about teaching our youth.

Adults in this Sunday morning Bible study program are pursuing a curriculum which includes every Bible book over a 12-year span. It is the Bible plus nothing and the Bible minus nothing. This is a carefully planned curriculum studying all Bible books with maximum life-centered application. Companion books are placed in sequence such as, Genesis and Matthew, Daniel and Revelation. When more than one Bible book is studied in one quarter, they are related. Each year, there is a balance between Old Testament and New Testament books.

The church is now following this 12-year program for the third time. A chart giving the exact schedule and detailing the features of this program is on the left side at ashburnbaptist.com. These classes are open to any interested person. The Fall Quarter of classes begins Sunday, September 6th, and every person is welcome.