What the Ashburn Baptist Church Can

What the Ashburn Baptist Church Can

Featured in the February, 2012 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Ashburn Baptist can’t solve all your problems, change you or anyone else nor save your soul.

However, the Ashburn Baptist Church can and does provide a marvelous, spiritual environment, in which, marvelous events and even miracles occur!

At Ashburn Baptist Church, there are services that are God-centered. If it is Christian entertainment that you want, you will have to find it elsewhere. The services are planned not to amuse you, but to amaze you at the wonder, glory, majesty and power of God.

At Ashburn Baptist, you will hear preaching that is solidly biblical and intensely practical. These are not “self-help” kind of messages, nor mere inspirational talks, but sermons that will put the solid foundation of God’s eternal Word under your life.

At Ashburn Baptist, you will find serious, helpful Bible study. The Sunday morning Adult Bible Study program covers in a systematic manner every book of the Bible during a twelve-year schedule. It is the entire Bible: nothing added, nothing omitted.
At Ashburn, you will be blessed by a pastoral ministry that has 135 years of experience in helping individuals and families grapple with and solve pressing problems.

At this church, there are marvelous opportunities for children under excellent leaders, who Sunday morning teach a solid Bible curriculum and Wednesday evening lead them in a top-notch Awana program.

At this church, teens have special Sunday morning and Wednesday evening sessions, plus other activities under the guidance of mature Christian leaders.

At Ashburn, you will find friends who have grown strong in the Lord and knowledgeable in His Word who could be a rich blessing and stabilizing factor in your life.

Here also, is the Ashburn Baptist Bible Institute. An opportunity for college-level Bible study and related subjects that will lift your knowledge of Scripture, so that you can be confident of what God’s Word teaches. Twenty different subjects in Bible and Christian work.

Yes, at Ashburn Baptist, you will find a spiritual environment in which you can come to know Christ as your personal Savior, grow in grace and knowledge, have your questions answered and your problems solved.

Here marriages have been restored, addictions broken and debts paid off. This is an environment in which you can learn to live vibrantly and victoriously, instead of being overwhelmed by life and its difficulties.

Thousands have benefited and been spiritually blessed by this opportunity that is offered and so can you!