Which “Easter” Will You Observe?

Which “Easter” Will You Observe?

Featured in the April, 2010 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

Yes, there are several different “Easters”!

At the first there was only one Easter but especially in recent times several others have popped up! You should ask yourself which “Easter” you will be observing.

There is the “commercial Easter”. To many, all Easter means is longer hours, more money earned, and business increasing. A host of business men will observe this “Easter” and for many of them it will be the only Easter they know!

Then there is the “Walmart Easter”. To millions of children and parents, Easter will be colored eggs, Easter baskets, little chicks and bunnies. But consider the joyous anthems, the Gospel preached all over the world, changed lives, victory over death, joy in the face of seemingly tragedy-Is a white-tailed bunny who laid decorated chicken eggs on plastic hay in a Easter basket responsible for all this! What a pity for all the children and childish adults who see no more to Easter!

There is also the “fashion Easter”. To these folk all Easter means is a new hat, gloves, shoes or coat and shiny car! That church is the place for showing off the new styles is merely a matter of convenience and tradition. For these people, “Easter” will be utterly ruined if a few clouds gather and rain pours down.

It has also been noticed that there is a “religious Easter”. The people who observe this “Easter” begin to feel quite pious around Easter time even to the point of going to church. Having attended one service, they feel they have had a sufficient dose of religion to last for a year-though the extremists in this group go so far as to attend at Christmas, also.

It must be pointed out that the real Easter, the first Easter, was not a business venture, an egg hunt, a fashion show or even an annual church going occasion-the first Easter was a truly Christian Easter.

It was nothing less than the resurrection of Christ’s body from the grave. This glorious unprecedented event proved that Christ was the Son of God, the Victor over death, the Conqueror of Satan, the Savior of all who would receive Him.
To the early disciples Easter was not merely a religious event-it was a heart changing experience.

Christ was crucified, buried and arose so that He could save us from our sins. Those who truly observe the real Easter are those who receive the risen Redeemer into their hearts and lives.

You really don’t know anything about Easter until Jesus Christ is your Savior, until He is your Lord and King. To the believer, Easter not only means that Christ is alive, but also that Christ is living in him.

Fling wide the doors of your heart and bid the Living Lord to enter, that this year you may have an Easter filled with the joy, the peace, and the blessedness that only Christ can give.