Why All the Problems?

Why All the Problems?

Featured in the September, 2005 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

It seems that life is a briar patch of problems. Personal problems, family problems, work problems, money problems, health problems, school problems.

Never have we had so many therapy groups, so many counselors, psychologists and now the glut of “Christian” counselors.

But the therapists need therapy and the counselors need counseling. They also have their problems!

In a therapy group you talk about yourself. When you go to the counselor he wants to know about you and your feelings as you center on yourself. No wonder that with this false approach you are sinking deeper in the quicksand that will finally engulf you.

You were not made to center in yourself. Life is off-balance with “you” at the center. You will never understand yourself until you know about God who made you in His

You will begin to understand yourself when you begin to know who God is.

But who you think God is or feel that he is, or imagine that he is may be terribly muddled. Knowing that we could never figure out who He is, God has told us who He is. God has made himself known to us in the bible.

It is truly amazing that once you know who God is, then you begin to understand yourself and other people and perplexing problems begin to melt away. It would be safe to say that over 98% of the problems that plague us day by day would vanish with a basic understanding of God.

Starting Sunday, September 18 at the 11 am service I will be speaking from
the Scripture on “What God Reveals About Himself!”

Some of the message titles are: Can You See God?, Can You Connect With God?, Who Made God?, and Does God Change His Mind?

Other Bible messages are: How Old is God?, Can God Do Anything?, Where is God?, and What Does God Know?

Concluding messages are: Can You Count on God? Is There a Limit to God’s Love?, and The Chief Truth About God?

Knowing who God truly is will give you a completely different perspective on life and a real understanding of yourself.

It’s all a matter of approach. If you keep thinking on yourself, focusing on your problems and wrestling with daily difficulties, you will end up frustrated and exhausted.

When you focus on God, life will come into balance. You will experience a calmness and peace that was previously illusive. Life will have direction and finally make sense.

Don’t miss these Sunday morning Bible messages.