You Can’t Kill Christmas

You Can’t Kill Christmas

Featured in the December, 2013 Issue of the Ashburn Baptist News

King Herod tried to kill Christmas when he sent his soldiers to Bethlehem to murder all the babies including the Christ child, but he failed. Herod is dead. Jesus lives and Christmas flourishes.

Commercialism has not killed Christmas because the real Christmas does not exist in the stores, but in the souls of humble worshiping people.

The American Civil Liberties Union has attempted to remove every expression of Christmas from public places. However, this nation was not founded by secularists, but by people who came carrying Bibles. Christmas symbols in public places are not the expression of some narrow sectarian belief, but simply part of our cultural heritage and Christmas will not be killed.

Some Jewish groups have attempted to remove the singing of carols from public school programs, only to discover that Jewish merchants were playing the same carols in their places of business because you can’t kill Christmas.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair attempted to wipe Christmas from the American scene only because she had forgotten that it is Christianity that gives our nation the foundation that provides the freedom of speech which allowed her to attempt to kill Christmas. O’Hair is dead and Christmas lives.

Liberal theologians have told us there is no such thing as a virgin birth, but paying little attention to that foolishness people keep on singing the words of Joseph Mohr, “Round yon virgin and child” and also Charles Wesley’s great Christmas hymn, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, which goes on to say, “Late in time, behold Him come, Offspring of a virgin’s womb”.

These same theological blunderers have told us that Christ is not really the Son of God but only a man, and yet refusing to accept this error people everywhere continue to sing from the same hymn of Wesley “Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, Hail the incarnate Deity!”

Christmas is laughter that will not be hushed, love that will not be rejected, music that will not be stilled, beauty that will not fade, and wonder that will not cease because you can’t kill Christmas.

Christmas will last as long as there is another log to put on the fire, as long as there is another dollar to buy a simple gift of love, as long as there is one choir left to sing the songs of joy, as long as there is one family left to return to, as long as there is one church remaining to preach the good news, as long as there is one sinner who still wants to be saved through Jesus. You see, you can’t kill Christmas.

No, you can’t kill Christmas and that’s just as well because we all need Christmas. We need Christmas as long as there is an old person who needs comfort, as long as there is a hurting person who needs to be healed, as long as there is someone lonely who needs to be helped.

We need Christmas as long as there is a crippled child who needs cheering, a widow who needs consoling, a youth who needs guiding.

This world needs Christmas as long as there is a family that’s fatherless, a country that is at war, a child who is hungry. We need Christmas to give us joy for sorrow, light in the darkness and hope in the midst of tragedy. We will need Christmas as long as there is a broken heart to heal, a tear that needs to be wiped, a sin that needs to be forgiven.

We need Christmas to fill our emptiness, to relieve our boredom, to tell us of Jesus who came to be born only to die upon a cross to save us from all our sins. Since there is a hell, there must be a heaven. Since there is sin, there must be forgiveness. Since there is the devil, there must be the Lord Jesus Christ to redeem us and make us victors. Since there is a needy and wounded world, there must be a Christmas and you can never, never kill Christmas because Christmas is Jesus and He lives forever.